How To Create Your Own Action Plan for Recovery



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What is “An Action Plan for Recovery”?

How to Create Your Own Action Plan for Recovery’ is a step-by-step guide on rebuilding your health after illness or injury. It contains in-depth ideas on 4 essential elements of the recovery process and how to put them into practice:

  1. Restoration – how to truly relax your body and mind to support the natural healing process;
  2. Replenishing – 9 science-backed guidelines on nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods;
  3. Rebuilding – how to gradually get your strength and fitness back after serious illness or injury;
  4. Regaining Your Focus – why you should pay attention to your attention, plus two strategies for boosting your concentration.

This holistic recovery plan targets the whole person and covers the entire spectrum of the healing process. It doesn’t just focus on eating healthy and getting fit like conventional programs, but also on often overlooked aspects, like getting high-quality rest and improving your attention span. 

Instead of following a week-by-week program with outlined exercises and recipes, this guide shows you how you can create your own custom-built action plan, one that’s designed to suit your personal health situation.


What this ebook is not

This is not your average “read this guide, follow my advice and you’ll be healed” kind of book. Optimistic? Yes. Hopeful? Always. But I’m not selling a miracle cure. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all health program and I will not make empty promises of full recovery or other unrealistic expectations.

I wish it were different, but some health problems cannot be fixed. Sometimes the natural healing process just doesn’t kick in. The disease is too complex, the medical options insufficient, the body too weakened or damaged. It’s not happening right now, and it may not ever happen.

But that doesn’t mean that small lifestyle changes can’t help you feel a little healthier, happier and more energetic. For example, sleeping better at night promotes countless of bodily functions to work better and boosts your mood, energy levels and immunity. And being able to move around on foot again, if only for a short while, can literally open up a world of possibilities when you’ve been housebound for months. You might not ever get to be as fit as a healthy person your age, but you may achieve your own (humble) definition of recovery.


Who is this ebook for?

How to Create Your Own Action Plan for Recovery’ is a guide for people with chronic illness or injury, for those who want to rebuild their health after a long sickbed, serious operation or life-altering accident. It provides in-depth advice to anyone suffering from health problems who wants to feel as content and symptom-free as possible right now.

It’s important to note that ‘How to Create Your Own Action Plan for Recovery’ was not written with one specific health problem in mind. That means that not all the advice in this ebook will be applicable to your unique situation. On the contrary: the idea is that you pick and choose the strategies that are useful to you, because you get to create your own personalised action plan for recovery in the end.


Why should you read this ebook?

Because small changes can make a big difference. Because having a little more energy and a little less pain can significantly improve the quality of your life. Because tiny health improvements can help you make your dreams come true, even if it’s in a modified way.

Healthy living is no guarantee for a good health, but taking control over your actions and making smart choices can bring you one step closer to your own definition of recovery.


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