Pizza Party: 10 Healthy Crusts & Toppings

Pizza Party: 10 Healthy Crusts & Toppings


It’s my all-time favourite food — a crispy thin crust layered with bright tomato sauce, veggies, herbs, deli meats and stringy mozzarella on top. There’s an embarrassing amount of childhood pictures of me eating pizza – my sister made me a food-themed photo book for my 30th birthday to prove that point.

But the latest pizzas populating our Instagram and Pinterest feeds are not your standard Pepperoni pizzas. They’re actually made with healthy ingredients: crusts from wholegrain flours or even veggies; topped with more veggies, (dairy-free) cheese and health-boosting herbs.

So let’s have a guilt-free pizza party with these 10 good-for-you crusts and toppings from around the web!

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10 Must-Have Cookbooks for Healthy Food Lovers | The Health Sessions

10 Must-Have Cookbooks for Healthy Food Lovers

With long, dark winter evenings that have you craving comforting foods, a brand new year with healthy resolutions looming on the horizon and the holiday season in full swing, now is the perfect time to expend your healthy meal repertoire with one of these must-have cookbooks! Which one will you put on your wish list or buy as a present?

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10 Nutritious One-Tray Meals for Busy Days

10 Nutritious One-Tray Meals for Busy Days | The Health Sessions


It’s a common scenario in busy times or on flare-up days: dinner time rolls around and you’re too tired to cook.

Enter: the one-tray meal. 

A one-tray meal, also called sheet pan dinner, is a complete dinner baked on a single oven tray. It ticks all the boxes of the perfect weeknight meal: a nourishing dish that requires little effort make and is even easier to clean up – what’s not to love?

So if you’re looking for an easy way to put a healthy meal on the table, try one of these 10 well-balanced, one-tray oven dinners

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The 12 Tastiest Ways to Enjoy Your Favourite Fall Produce

The 13 Tastiest Ways to Enjoy Your Favourite Fall Produce | The Health Sessions


After a beautiful Indian Summer, the weather is slowly changing. The days are getting shorter and the air becomes crispy.

Time for slow cooking, cozy flavours and golden-coloured produce that mimics the leaves falling from the trees: apples, pears, butternut squash, pumpkins, chestnuts and mushrooms. And what better way to combine these autumnal foods than with warming spices, sage, maple syrup and crunchy hazelnuts and pecans?

Some of the recipes below are a little more rich than I usually share (I’m looking at you onion soup and butter chicken!), but hey, it’s fitting for the colder season and after all, a healthy diet is all about variation and balance.

So have a look at these 12 tasty ways to enjoy your favourite fall produce!

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15 Tasty Ideas for a Healthy Packed Lunch

15 Tasty Ideas for a Healthy Packed Lunch | The Health Sessions


When the end of summer rolls around, I still get that back-to-school feeling, even as an adult. The holidays are over and most of us are readjusting to our ‘normal’ daily life again. Which makes September the perfect time for making healthy changes!

One way to shake up your health routines is to give your regular office lunch a little upgrade. Ok, admittedly, these delicious lunch ideas require a little more prep than your average peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But they do pack a punch in the nutrition and taste department!

So bring a healthy packed lunch to work or school with one of these 15+ appetizing lunch ideas! 

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