10 Home Spa Hacks

Whether you’re a business babe, busy mom or worn-out spooniemost of us would love a little more time to de-stress and pamper ourselves. But what if you don’t have the time, money or energy to visit a wellness resort? You’re in luck, because with a few home spa hacks, you can recreate the essential elements of an indulging spa day in your own bathroom.

A day at the spa offers an escape from our hectic lives. With a little preparation, you could reproduce those tranquil surroundings, rest up and treat yourself in ways that match your budget and fitness level. All you need is some me-time and a few natural ingredients to whip up your own facials, hair masks and soothing baths. And of course, sipping a calming cup of tea or refreshing veggie juice only adds to the experience.

From DIY beauty treatments and infused baths to next-level relaxation, have a look at these 10 home spa hacks from contributor Sarah Smith to really recharge yourself.


10 Home Spa Hacks | The Health Sessions


A big thank you to Sarah Smith and Kremp Florist for providing this beautiful infographic!

Which home spa hacks do you use to pamper yourself? 

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