Holiday Reading Guide: A New Year, A New You | The Health Sessions

Holiday Reading Guide: A New Year, A New You

You guys, how can almost be 2018 already? This past year has flown by, and it’s been such a blessed year for me and my family. Time to celebrate, relax and recharge, and start making plans for 2018!

Get inspired for healthy holidays and a sparkling new year with these great reads from around the web. 

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How the Holidays Can Affect Those with Mental Disorders | The Health Sessions

How the Holidays Can Affect Those with Mental Disorders

This is a guest post by Mike Jones from Schiz Life

The holiday season can be challenging for anyone, no matter the reason. But while for most people the biggest struggle this winter will be to decide on what presents to get everyone, for others the holidays can be a personal hell. Coping with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia or any other mental disorder during Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be particularly hurtful due to the constant pressure of having to behave in a certain way.

Not So Merry Christmas

Unfortunately, Chrismas is not such a merry time for everyone. According to research published by Randy and Lori A. Sansone in the US National Library of Medicine, the use of emergency psychiatric services decreases during the holidays, only to be followed by a spike in activity shortly after. For people dealing with mental disorders, the holiday season can be an emotionally draining period.

What is more obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression or schizophrenia and love life just don’t seem to mix. The lack of a significant other or tensions in an existing relationship can be more emphasized during the holiday season when you suffer from a mental disorder. And due to this, you may have the tendency to blame your illness more and feel worst. This is normal, and what you can do about it is slowly learn how to cope.

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9 Edible Gifts for Healthy Food Lovers | The Health Sessions

9 Edible Gifts for Healthy Food Lovers

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t like a delicious treat? Edible gifts are the perfect present to both give and receive. Making a little effort to cook up something appetizing shows you care, especially if you add a personal touch. Even better, there are giftable recipes to suit even the smallest budget.

So no matter if you’re looking for a last-minute holiday present or want to bring your sick friend a treat, get creative and fill your kitchen with the aromas of healthy homemade edible gifts! 

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Spoonie Gift Guide: The 36 Most Comforting Presents for Your Chronically Ill Friend | The Health Sessions

Spoonie Gift Guide: The 36 Most Comforting Presents for Your Chronically Ill Friend

Would you like to pamper your sick friend but don’t know what gift you should get them?

Finding the perfect present for the people you love can be a challenge in itself, but chronic illness can make the search even more complicated. What do you buy someone who can’t do a lot of things or suffers from sensitivities?

It depends of course on your friend’s illness, situation and interests. But many spoonies love to receive something soothing and indulgent, whether that’s a wellness gift, practical items to deal with the daily discomfort or entertaining goodies to beat the boredom.

For inspiration, have a look at these 36 comforting spoonie gift ideas for any budget. 

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3 Morning Exercises to Start Your Day with a Bang | The Health Sessions

3 Morning Exercises to Start Your Day with a Bang

This is a guest post by Sarah Jacobs from 

Waking up early and doing a bit of exercises can help boost your overall mood and productivity all throughout the day. This is because exercising helps release happy hormones (serotonin) from your brain and can also improve blood and oxygen flow into your brain – making you more active and feeling positive for the day.

Going out for a walk or a short jog is the best kind of exercise in the morning because you get to breathe in the calm and fresh morning air, go around your community and entertain yourself with the outside view.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to live in a good neighborhood. If you are living in an apartment in the middle of the city for example, walking or jogging outside is not exactly an inspiring exercise with all the honking cars, busy pavements and unshaded concrete streets. There are however different exercises you can do inside the house – and these can also improve your mood and productivity too.

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