Art Therapy: 44 Creative Ideas to Support Your Health and Happiness | The Health Sessions

Art Therapy: 44 Creative Ideas to Support Your Health and Happiness

We’ve all experienced how singing along to your favorite tunes or trusting your thoughts to your diary can make you feel better. But did you know that regularly engaging in creative activities actually boosts your happiness and health?

Art therapy is a kind of therapy that uses creative self-expression in the form of painting, drawing or sculpting to support the diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems. Other creative activities like music, dancing and writing are also praised for their health benefits.

Studies show that art therapy not only provides distraction, but also relieves stress and improves your mental health. Because visual art transcends language, it helps people express emotions that are hard to put into words. Even celebrated artists like Frida Kahlo and Van Gogh probably turned to painting as an emotional outlet, to help them cope with disability and mental illness. What’s more, being creative can evoke positive emotions like joy, awe and inspiration – all of which help build your resilience.

Art in all its forms can even promote your physical health. Recent research reveal that art therapy reduces pain when offered during acute hospitalizations. Listening to your favorite music also results into requiring less pain medication after surgery and boosts your brain health. Finally, dance training turns out to be a helpful tool in rehabilitation settings, to improve the balance and gait of patients with reduced mobility.

Pretty impressive, right? So how can you apply art therapy in your own life to boost your health and happiness?

First of all, you should know that art therapy has less to do with being ‘artistic’ than you might think. It’s about expressing yourself in a creative way, for your own pleasure and self-development. You don’t need special skills or difficult techniques. So silence your inner critic and perfectionist tendencies and take a look at these 44 creative ideas to get started.

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12 Recovery Quotes to Rebuild Your Health and Happiness

In the movies it looks so easy. You get sick, feel down, then work hard on your recovery – maybe with one setback for dramatic effects – and voila, you’re all better.

Recovery stories on wellness websites often follow the same narrative. After trying all options and hitting rock bottom, the sick person finds the (holistic) solution for their illness, leaving them feeling more energetic than ever before.

As inspirational as these accounts are, real life usually isn’t as simple or glamorous as that. In reality, recovery rarely is a linear process. On the contrary – it’s a process of achievements and setbacks that can repeat itself multiple times. Recovery also takes time. Even a small cut takes a few days to fully heal. And sometimes, regaining your former health just isn’t possible. The disease is too complex, the treatment options insufficient, the body too weakened or damaged.

That’s why I believe in creating your own definition of recovery, one that isn’t limited to being fully healed. No matter if you’re struggling with chronic illness, serious injury, mental health problems or addiction, there’s always something you can do to make tiny improvements to your physical health, emotional wellbeing or quality of life.

So if you could use some motivation to keep working on rebuilding your health and happiness, take a good look at these 12 recovery quotes.

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