5 Actionable Tips to Stop Worrying

This article is written by David from Health Is King

Worrying is a problem that affects almost everyone. It can be brought on by a minor problem all the way up to something major. For all individuals having something that can cause them to worry is different. Learning how to address things that contribute to anxiety are important, for almost everyone, especially someone who tends to struggle more. Perhaps due to a bad situation they find themselves in. or someone who tends to stress and have anxiety in general everyday life. Below I will list 5 tips that I personally use and stand by myself that have helped me and many others to stop worrying.


1. Get Busy

The first piece of advice I want to give you is simply get busy. When you are busy you won’t have the time to even think about what is stressing you. Getting busy can be any plethora of activities. It could be playing chess, it could be creating a recipe and cooking it yourself or it could even be doing some volunteer work.

Doing something more mentally stimulating would be the best idea so you are focused on that task instead of what is worrying you.


2. Focus On Today

Focusing on today is a simple tip yet it can be hard to implement into your mind. But with some persistence and rational thinking it could work wonders for your mental health.

When I say focus on today I simply mean to do exactly that. It basically means that you shouldn’t think of or worry about what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow – that adds to uncertainty and stress that will likely make your worrying worse. Just think if you where just focusing on today, a lot of your worries would simply disappear as if by magic.


3. What’s The Worst That Can Happen

This may seem a slightly negative way to view the situation, but it could massively help your mental state. For example, let’s say I have bad arthritis in one of my knees. In that situation the worst thing that could happen is that it becomes so painful I would need a knee replacement. Understanding this and learning to accept this can help you comes to terms with it and could in fact help you by addressing it directly in your mind.

Thinking of the worst that can happen can be particularly great if you have confidence in your problem-solving skills. Because knowing the worst and what you can do it improve it or even fix it completely can be a massive step in the right direction. Getting help from loved ones when they too know the situation is also great not only for the support they provide but also to help with working towards a better and more positive life.


4. What’s The Problem

Regardless of whatever you are worrying about you should take the time and write it down by hand. Then write down why you are stressing about it and finally, what you can do to improve it or better yet, resolve completely.

Simply writing it down like this will allow you to think about it more rationally and will often help you realize the things that need to be done to work towards helping your problem and preventing worry.

Every time you are worrying about something put pen to paper and by following these steps it will set you on the right path to fixing your problem and will likely stop you from worrying, because you now have a plan to tackle the problem head-on.


5. Count Your Blessings

The point of this tip is to help you realize all the good things in your life. Even if you are struggling with your health there are still lots of things you can be joyous about. It could be little things like appreciating a sunny day or bigger things like having a supportive and caring family.

The main point is you should focus on all the positives in your life. Not only will you start to appreciate things more, but you may start to notice things that maybe you took for granted previously. Now you can see them in a whole different light, a light where everything either big or small will have a positive impact on you and you should concentrate on them.


David from Health is King | 5 Actionable Tips to Stop WorryingAuthor Bio: David is a blogger at HealthisKing where he covers anything from supplements to skincare and everything in between.




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