8 Pillars of Wellness to Strengthen Your Holistic Health

We all know that we should eat our veggies and move our bodies regularly to support our health.

But if there’s one thing you learn from living with chronic illness, it’s that being healthy encompasses so much more than going to the gym and getting all your nutrients in. You want your mind to be focused, calm and brimming with ideas too. You want to feel content and comfortable in your own skin. And study after study shows that you need nurturing relationships with the people in your life to feel good physically and emotionally.

Popular health advice tends to zoom in so much on the bodily aspects of health, that you might forget you’re an emotional, spiritual and social being too. That’s why it’s great that holistic health recognizes that all these aspects influence your overall wellbeing. Instead of focusing on specific symptoms or parts of your body, holistic health looks at the whole person and the connections between your body, mind, spirit and the environment you’re in.

Take a look at this infographic from Auraglow to check out the 8 pillars of wellness that will strengthen your holistic health. 

8 Pillars of Wellness

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