• Do you want to feel as energetic and symptom-free as possible?
  • Are you looking for health advice that you can easily put into practice?
  • Do you wonder how you can deal with the pain, fatigue, sadness, worries or practical problems you might be facing?
  • Would you like support from someone who understands what it’s like to deal with health problems everyday?

The Health Sessions gives you in-depth advice about the aspects of your life you can change to gradually improve your health – like your eating habits or the way you manage stress – but also helps you cope with the problems you cannot change (yet).

It’s a virtual home for people with (chronic) health problems who don’t want to be treated as a patient, but as a unique individual with hopes and dreams. The Health Sessions offers guidance in an encouraging but realistic way on how you can live a healthier and happier life despite the obstacles on your way. Here are some of my all-time favourite articles to get you started:    

Happy & Healthy Living: 

Coping with Chronic Illness:

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