6 Ways to Adjust to a New Normal

  • By Jennifer Mulder
  • 11 May 2020
  • 3 minute read
6 Ways to Adjust to a New Normal | The Health Sessions

This article is written by Liza Holst. 

It seems that right now everyone is adjusting to a new normal. Whether that be living with a chronic illness, experiencing anxiety due to the global pandemic we are in, or losing a loved one – it’s crucial to recognize these changes and adapt to them in a healthy way.

Here are 6 ways to make the most of any situation you’re going through right now and how to adapt in these trying times.

1. Prioritize your mental health

The state and wellness of our minds impact our daily lives more than we may realize. Each year in the United States, one in five adults experience mental illness. There are many factors, like isolation or stress, that can contribute to why someone may begin to develop a mental illness.

It’s important to note any negative changes in your mood like extreme sadness or consistent anxiety and seek help from a professional if your symptoms get worse. You can decrease the chances of mental health issues by giving your mind the love it deserves by practicing self-care and genuine gratitude.

2. Strengthen your relationships

Our family and friends are our greatest support system, so it’s important to keep our connections strong and close– especially during any personal struggles we face. If you’re unable to see your loved ones in person there’s no need to worry because we live in a time where video chatting is available.

Make an effort to schedule time each week to talk to your support system to keep them updated on how you’re doing and to spend some quality time in one another’s company. Connecting with others will help you feel valued and remind you that you’re not alone.

6 Ways to Adjust to a New Normal | The Health Sessions
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3. Embrace the romance

If you’re in a romantic relationship right now, take advantage of all of the love and affection you can get. Studies show that a loving relationship is good for your health and can lead to living longer as well as healing from chronic illness quicker. There are also sexual activity health benefits, like lowering your blood pressure and getting better sleep.

Take the time to indulge in romance and intimacy with your partner by planning weekly date nights and having sex regularly. Ensure you’re prepared for any sexual activity by having contraception readily available, or if worried about difficulty performing, overcome this by getting a once-a-day erectile dysfunction medication or consulting with a sex therapist. Intimacy has proven to reduce stress levels and increase our overall happiness.

Love has the power to boost our mood and spirits, so take advantage of all the benefits that come with feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

4. Breathe in fresh air

Deeply inhaling and exhaling has the ability to heal our minds and fill us with positive energy. Stepping outside for even a moment provides peace and a sense of tranquility. The benefits of fresh air go beyond our internal state as we are able to absorb vitamin D, gain the motivation to exercise, and improve our concentration levels. Being outside is also a great way to take a digital detox and enjoy the beauty of the world around us.

If you’re unable to get outside, you can still enjoy the benefits while inside your home. Bring the outdoors indoors by opening your windows and caring for some house plants. Fresh air is great when it comes to adjusting as it reminds us to slow down and enjoy the small things.

6 Ways to Adjust to a New Normal | The Health Sessions

5. Keep yourself busy

Distractions are key when it comes to making the most of a new daily routine. Invest in finding what makes you happy and start some new hobbies. If there’s something you’ve always dreamt of doing, like starting your own small business or learning a new skill, then why not commit to doing it now? Starting manageable projects or activities to stay busy while at home will occupy your mind and give you something to look forward to each day.

It’s essential that you incorporate activities into your day that will bring you joy and give you the motivation to get out of bed each morning. Be careful not to overdo it though, and always make your health your top priority.

6. Take care of your body

What we put into our bodies on a daily basis can have long-term consequences. Fuel your system with foods that promote good gut health and that will have lasting benefits. It’s also crucial to consume enough water each day for proper hydration and to support your overall well-being. Our bodies need the right nutrients, especially when we are at home all day. It can be tempting to order take-out or satisfy our cravings with sugary foods, but your body will thank you in the long run for taking care of it now.

Practicing healthy eating habits will also help with recovery and make you feel better. If you’re able, it’s imperative that you exercise every day to reduce chronic pain and stay physically active. This can be difficult during recovery, so be kind to your body and engage in physical activity the best you can. Putting in the effort to take care of your body will prevent conditions from worsening in the future and also make you feel more confident in your own skin.

What can you do today to help you adjust to a new normal?

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