Back-to-School Season: The Adult Guide to Getting Back on Track

  • By Jennifer Mulder
  • 30 August 2021
  • 5 minute read
Back-to-School Season: The Adult Guide to Getting Back on Track | The Health Sessions

Does the end of Summer still feel like back-to-school season, even now that you’re an adult? You’re not the only one.  The media dubbed September “the new January”, because for so many of us, the beginning of Fall has the same new-year feeling, with fresh starts, clean slates and empty calendars.

After a relaxing Summer, how do you get back on track with school, work and healthy living while keeping your mood and energy up?

I’ve rounded up the best advice from the archives to make the most of back-to-school season as a (chronically ill) adult!

1. Back on Track with Healthy Habits

Are you ready to rebuild your healthy habits after a summer filled with ice cream, big barbecues and staying up too late? Back-to-school season makes a great time to reexamine your routines and let go off what isn’t working. These science-based strategies and tried-and-tested tips can help you do just that!

Getting Back on Track: 11 Expert Strategies for Rebuilding Healthy Habits

Rebuilding healthy habits is not about following the latest diet or fitness trends; it’s about making lasting lifestyle changes that you enjoy. These 5 steps from 11 healthy living experts will help you do just that!

21 Simple Habits to Kickstart a Healthier Lifestyle

As appealing as a total transformation sounds, too many drastic lifestyle changes at once is not the recipe for longterm success. S0 kickstart a healthier lifestyle without too much stress and effort with 21 simple habits that can make a big difference.

What Pavlov’s Dogs Can Teach Us About Creating Healthy Habits

What can a 100-year old experiment with drooling dogs teach us about changing our lifestyle? Take a look how you can use classical conditioning to create healthy habits that last.

Back-to-School Season: The Adult Guide to Getting Back on Track | The Health Sessions
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Ten 30-Day Challenges to Reboot Your Health in One Month

Changing your behavior takes time. But when you consistently practice a daily habit for one month, you can make real improvements in a relatively short amount of time. So check out these ten (realistic!) 30-day challenges to see which one you’d like to try next month!

How to Get Your Family On Board with Healthy Eating

It’s a familiar scenario. You’d like to start eating healthier, but your spouse and kids aren’t jumping for joy at the thought of having broccoli and quinoa for dinner. Between work and family life, the last thing you want is drama at the dining table. Have a look at these 10 good food strategies to win over your family’s hearts, minds and tastebuds.

34 Ideas for a Healthy Morning Routine (Under 10 Minutes)

What you do right after waking, sets the tone for your day. But sacrificing sleep to get up at the crack of dawn for yoga and green juice is not necessarily my idea of a healthy start. Surely there must be healthy habits you can do that fit more seamlessly into your existing morning routine?

How to Work on Your Recovery from Illness in Everyday Life

Do you ever dream about fully focusing on your health and happiness? Unfortunately, for most people, recovery is something you have to work on in the midst of doctor’s appointments, work obligations, looking after your family and running a household. How can you combine managing your health and your other responsibilities?

Back-to-School Season: The Adult Guide to Getting Back on Track | The Health Sessions
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2. Back to School & Work

It’s the ultimate question of living with chronic illness: How do you get meaningful things done when you’re sick, sad, struggling and in pain? There’s no simple answer, and a lot depends on your unique situation. But here’s some in-depth advice that could help you to adjust getting back to school, work or parenting school-aged kids.

A Study Guide for the Chronically Ill: 23 Proven Strategies

Getting an education when you’re chronically ill comes with all kinds of problems, from not being able to keep up with a full-time schedule to poor concentration and memory problems. If you’re a young student with chronic illness or disabilities, what are you to do? Here are 23 proven strategies to help you study smarter, not harder.

Back-to-School: 13 Energy-Saving Tips for Chronically Ill Parents

Having school-aged kids brings all kinds of responsibilities, from helping with homework to enabling extracurricular activities. No matter how much you love your kids, these commitments are not always easy to handle when you’re sick and in pain every day. Take a look at some energy-saving back-to-school tips for chronically ill parents.

15 Tasty Ideas for a Healthy Packed Lunch

One way to shake up your health routines is to give your regular lunch a little upgrade. Ok, these delicious recipes require more prep than your average PBJ sandwich, but they do pack a punch in the nutrition and taste department! So bring a healthy packed lunch to work or school with one of these 15+ appetizing lunch ideas.

Back-to-School Season: The Adult Guide to Getting Back on Track | The Health Sessions

11 tips for Working from Home with Chronic Illness

Combining a career and chronic illness is a real challenge. When you’re healthy enough to earn a living, working from home may be a good solution. But how can you successfully run a business or freelance career when you suffer from health problems? How do you stay productive on flare-up days? Have a look at these 11 tried-and-tested tips for working from home with chronic illness.

How to Talk to Your Boss about Your Mental Health

Thankfully, mental health is slowly becoming recognized as a key element of a healthy workplace. Still, how do you approach the subject of mental health with your boss? Here are some helpful tips.

Healthy Snacking On The Go: 10 Savory and Sweet Bites

When the afternoon slump rolls around, it’s all too tempting to hit the vending machine. But there are more nutritious ways to keep your energy up throughout the day – and satisfy your taste buds too. Check out these 10 healthy homemade snacks that you can bring to the office or eat on the go.

How to Get Through the Workday When You’re Exhausted

We all have days when you barely have the energy to drag yourself out of bed. But when you’re living with chronic health problems or disabilities, you might be dealing with exhaustion, pain or limitations on a more regular basis. On days that you feel run-down and miserable, what can you do to be as productive as possible? Have a look at 10 short-term strategies to get through the workday.

What helps you to adjust to getting back to school, work and healthy living?

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