The Best of 2016: The 10 Most-Loved Blog Posts of the Year

  • By Jennifer Mulder
  • 22 December 2016
  • 3 minute read
The Best of 2016: The 10 Most-Loved Blog Posts of the Year | The Health Sessions

Another year has almost come and gone, and what a year it’s been.

Reflecting back on 2016, I mostly feel proud on what I’ve accomplished, despite my fair share of challenges. I’ve published more than 40 in-depth articles on The Health Sessions, attracting over 200,000 unique visitors. I finished writing my first, 200-page ebook, which will be available late January 2017 – so exciting! And most importantly, there have been countless moments of personal bliss, with the baby boy growing inside me as the most precious milestone.

Of course there have also been many times I’ve felt stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed, concerned about ill family members, not to mention the disturbing and heartbreaking events around the world. But overall, I can honestly say that I’ve done all that I could do this year.

So to round up the old before welcoming in the new, here is the most loved content – by you and me – of The Health Sessions of 2016. 

The 3 Most – Read Blog Posts

How to Stop Ruminating: Thinking Things Through, Distraction or Mindfulness?

A surprising topic to be the most-read article of the year! Rumination is not something that’s talked about much, but constantly replaying a problem in your mind is one of the biggest predictors of mental health problems. So if you can’t stop thinking about that argument with your friend or the job interview you’ve ‘ruined’, what’s the best thing to do? Should you think things through, distract yourself or try a more mindful approach? This article helps you figure out which strategy is the right one for your situation.

8 Hot and Healing Drinks to Warm You Up

Ever since I came across The First Mess’ series of amazingly inspiring beverages, I’ve discovered so many more original, comforting hot drinks that I could write a whole new blog post. For now, check out these 8 lattes, teas and tonics with healing powers to warm you up this winter.

The Beginner’s Guide to Changing Your Negative Thoughts

The psychologist in me feels appreciated that another mental health subject made it to the top 3. Because thoughts are powerful. They influence your emotions, your decisions and even your neurobiology. Luckily, you can train your mind to see things more positively and this beginner’s guide to will show you how.

The Best of 2016: The 10 Most-Loved Blog Posts of the Year | The Health Sessions

My Personal Favourites

The Happy List: 31 Simple Pleasures to Sprinkle Throughout Your Day

It may seem a little self-indulgent to be concerned about your happiness when you’re dealing with much bigger problems, but cultivating positive emotions is just as important for your health as eating fruit and vegetables, according to prof. Barbara Fredrickson. I agree: having a ‘coping kit’ – in my case a list of self-care ideas, uplifting books, movies and songs – actually pulled me through many tough times. So take some inspiration from my Happy List and brighten up your days by purposely adding more simple pleasures.

Why Acceptance is Not the Same as Giving Up

When your painful symptoms are here to stay, you have little choice but to learn to accept your new reality. Many people still mistakenly believe that it’s a sign of weakness to stop fighting the truth; that you’re a quitter for no longer struggling every day to get your old life back. They’re wrong. Acceptance is not the same as giving up, and here’s why.

30 Ways to Entertain an Active Toddler When You’re (Chronically) Ill

This topic is close to my heart, because this is something I still struggle with every week as a parttime working mom. How do you meet the needs of your highly active toddler when your own energy and mobility are limited? Here are 30 activities to get yourself and your toddler through your next sick day and be a chronically awesome parent.

A To-Don’t List for Spoonies: 11 Things You Should Stop Doing Today

When you’re chronically ill, you often have to remove the superfluous, non-important things from your life to free up enough energy the things that matter. Enter: the To-DON’T List. What will you stop doing to make room for what is important to you?

38 Staycation Ideas for a Happy Holiday at Home

‘Going on holiday’ may seem like a light-hearted topic for a health blog, but it’s not less relevant – we all long for a little fun and relaxation, even when – or should I say especially when – you’ve got bigger issues to worry about. Take a real break from your daily life from the comfort of your own home with these 38 staycation ideas for spoonies of all fitness levels.

Illness and Identity: Redefining Who You Are When Your Health Changes

It’s an often overlooked and misunderstood part of being chronically ill: how the changes in your health impact your sense of self. In this personal essay, I share how chronic illness chips away at the things that defined you for so long and how you can rewrite your own narrative.

10 Must-Have Cookbooks for Healthy Food Lovers

It’s no secret I love healthy food bloggers like Green Kitchen Stories, My New Roots and Nutrition Stripped. Many of them have now captured their vibrant and inspiring recipes in gorgeously photographed cookbooks. So if you’re looking to expand your healthy meal repertoire, look no further than these 10 must-have cookbooks!

What was your favourite article on The Health Sessions in 2016?

I wish you all happy holidays and a joyful, loving and inspiring 2017 filled with tiny adventures and moments of bliss!

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