A New Focus on Health Issues, Post-Coronavirus | The Health Sessions

A New Focus on Health Issues, Post-Coronavirus

This article is written by Aaron Smith. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything about the way we live and will continue to do so for some time. Obviously, the biggest change will likely be the way we think about health. Living with the coronavirus is going to change a lot of the ways we conduct our lives and seek treatment for the things that ail us. And while we don’t know for sure what all of those ways will be, we definitely have some clues.

Take a look at what the global health community will focus on in a post-Covid-19 world.

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6 Tips For Getting Back Into Dating With Health Complications | The Health Sessions

6 Tips For Getting Back Into Dating With Health Complications

This article is written by Simone B. 

Human connection and relationships are something that most individuals crave in life, especially those that are romantics. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin or how to try your hand at love after you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Dating is naturally hard for everyone, but those of you with chronic illness may face additional challenges, like bringing any medications you may need when you’re on a date or worrying if you’ll have any sudden symptoms or pain.

Everyone deserves to find someone who loves them unconditionally and will support them through the positives and negatives in life. Remember that finding the perfect partner takes time as well as trial and error. Keep reading to learn how you can get back into dating with a chronic illness and still keep your health a priority.

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Is Your Sleep Chronotype Affecting Your Health? | The Health Sessions

Is Your Sleep Chronotype Affecting Your Health?

This article is written by Rachael Gilpin. 

Our biology affects our health in many ways. But did you know that the rhythms in which we sleep can influence our productivity and physical well-being?

Our culture tends to applaud those individuals who are early to bed and early to rise. However, if you’re the type who prefers to wake up slowly and stay up late working the night away, you’re not alone. There is a perfectly logical chronotype to explain your late-night productivity habits.

We’ve dived into the research to help you figure out why your sleep chronotype affects your health, and how you could make the most of your type.

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The Importance of Your Surroundings for Your Mental Health & Motivation | The Health Sessions

The Importance of Your Surroundings for Your Mental Health & Motivation

This article is written by Thomas Lanigan. 

Mental health is not just determined by what is happening inside your head. Your environment plays an important role in shaping you. From a poorly lit office to a cluttered bedroom – all these impact your mental health.

The physical environment affects your psychological health directly. External stimuli like natural light and noise trigger a psychological response in your body. In turn, the kind and amount of neurochemicals that are released into your bloodstream strongly influence your mood, energy level and mental focus.

Another major reason why your surroundings matter is that we spend a lot of time thinking about our living environment. Maybe the dishes haven’t been done or the laundry hasn’t been folded in a week. And it bugs you every time you see it.

Changing your environment can improve your health dramatically. Here are some solutions that you can use to improve your environment and mental health.

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How Foam Rolling Can Help with Chronic Illness | The Health Sessions

How Foam Rolling Can Help with Chronic Illness

This article is written by Aimee Harrington. 

You might have often seen a foam roller used by athletes to help ease muscle soreness after exercise. However, a foam roller uses a technique called self-myofascial release, which treats muscle pain and immobility through applied pressure to the ‘fascia’. The fascia is the tissue that connects everything in our body. When pressure is applied in this way, it can help to increase blood flow to the muscle, which in turn eases soreness and inflammation, as well as improving flexibility and mobility.

Little do people know, but foam rollers can also be extremely beneficial in helping ease a number of chronic illnesses linked to muscle problems. However, at The Health Sessions, we always recommend getting the go-ahead by your doctor before use!

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