Why Acceptance is Not the Same as Giving Up | The Health Sessions

Why Acceptance Is Not The Same as Giving Up

“Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.” 


Being seriously ill or injured can turn your life upside down. More than anything, you just want to get better and resume your normal activities. But what if that’s not possible? What if you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness that has no cure?

When the painful symptoms are here to stay, you have little choice but to learn to accept your new reality. But how do you do that when every waking moment is a cruel reminder that your life is not what you thought it would be like? 

Over the last decade, there’s been a strong societal focus on “never giving up”, on keeping going no matter what, on fighting like hell for what you want. And sure, that can be a motivating mindset to deal with challenges like getting a hard-earned degree, training for a marathon or losing those last pounds.

But that mentality doesn’t necessarily help when someone’s faced with horrible circumstances they have little control over, like losing a loved one, surviving a traumatic experience or becoming chronically ill. No matter how much you don’t want it to be true or how badly you want to get better, willpower won’t help you change the situation you’re in.


Many people mistakenly believe that accepting a painful reality means you’re surrendering. That it’s a sign of weakness to stop fighting the truth; that you’re a quitter for no longer struggling every day to get your old life back. They’re wrong.

Acceptance is not the same as giving up. 

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10 Nutritious One-Tray Meals for Busy Days | The Health Sessions

10 Nutritious One-Tray Meals for Busy Days

It’s a common scenario in busy times or on flare-up days: dinner time rolls around and you’re too tired to cook.

Enter: the one-tray meal. 

A one-tray meal, also called sheet pan dinner, is a complete dinner baked on a single oven tray. It ticks all the boxes of the perfect weeknight meal: a nourishing dish that requires little effort make and is even easier to clean up – what’s not to love?

So if you’re looking for an easy way to put a healthy meal on the table, try one of these 10 well-balanced, one-tray oven dinners

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How to Boost Your Circulation Naturally

7 Natural Ways to Keep Your Blood and Lymph Flowing Freely | The Health Sessions


Are your hands and feet usually cold? Do you often experience tingling, numbness or aching in your arms and legs?

These could be tell-tale signs that you have poor blood circulation.

Your circulatory system transports oxygen-rich blood packed with nutrients throughout your body. For an optimal blood flow, you need a strong heart to pump oxygenated blood to your organs and limbs, a healthy blood pressure and clear, open arteries. At the same time, your lymphs carry waste products, bacteria and toxins away from your tissues to be removed or filtered.

But when you’re chronically ill, your blood and lymph flow might nog function optimally, due to your health issues, side-effects of medication or as a result of being bedridden. In healthy people, a sedentary lifestyle is often the biggest culprit of poor circulation.

As a result, you could experience symptoms like cold hand and feet, numbness, muscles cramps, exhaustion, varicose veins, a pale skin or brittle hair and nails.

So how can you improve your blood and lymph flow, even when you suffer from health problems? Have a look at these 7 natural ways to boost your circulation. 

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A “To Don’t” List for Spoonies: 11 Things You Should Stop Doing Today

A To Don't List for Spoonies: 11 Things You Should Stop Doing Today | The Health Sessions


When you’re chronically ill, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the things you have to do with so little energy. Your to-do list features doctor’s visits, physical therapy sessions and a healthy meal plan on top of all the usual stuff like paying the bills, keeping your house relatively clean and staying in touch with loved ones.

It doesn’t help that our culture tends to define our value based on our busyness and accomplishments. You might feel guilty for taking things slow in a world that celebrates productivity, overcommitment and FOMO. Sure, crossing things off your to-do list is helpful, but it’s not the purpose of life.

But how can you free up time and energy for what is meaningful to you, while dealing with the additional obstacles of living with chronic illness?

By removing the non-important from your life. Introducing: the To Don’t List. 

A To Don’t List simply is a list of all the things you will not do, to make mental room for what is important. It might contain practical things like: “I will not iron my comfy clothes/ host elaborate dinner parties/ say yes to every request.”

But a To Don’t List can also involve more psychological-oriented items; rules for living that guide you in the right direction. From simple intentions like “I will not skip breakfast, stay up to late or check my phone during meal times” to “I won’t get sucked into pointless arguments.”

Here are 11 positive intentions that every spoonie should put on their To Don’t List.

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4 Inspiring Health Documentaries You Need to Watch

4 Inspiring Health Documentaries You Need to Watch | The Health Sessions


This is a guest post by Cassie from Culture Coverage. 


With all the vitriol clogging our daily newsfeeds, it’s refreshing to know that some parties are genuinely putting forth an effort to make the world a better place to live in — and to make it easier to stay here longer, for that matter.

And while documentaries certainly are no replacement for scientific journals, peer-reviewed articles and double-blind studies, they still serve a purpose: to give us a brief but interesting view into the world of progress. They help us take one more step forward when it seems so easy to give up.

A number of health films have proved both intriguing and inspiring to me. They’re stories you need to hear in a world that sometimes unnecessarily focuses on the negative.

Now, the first and most recent film you’ll want to check out is called…

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