Relaxing from Head to Toe: The Mindful Body Scan | The Health Sessions

Relaxing from Head to Toe: The Mindful Body Scan

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All day long, your senses are bombarded with information – sights, sounds, smells. Your brain is constantly busy selecting and interpreting these stimuli, storing what’s important into your long – term memory.

Turning your attention inwards instead of to the world around you has several benefits for your health.

Brain studies suggest that observing what’s happening inside of you – your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations – taps into a different part of your brain than watching the outside world does. Instead of solely relying upon the frontal lobes of the neocortex, focusing on your feelings also activates evolutionary older parts of your brain that are associated with emotional reactions and the integration of physical experiences. It’s that bypass of the thinking and judging parts of your brain that makes mindfulness such an effective method to find your calm when you can’t seem to stop your racing thoughts.

Learning to tune into your body also allows you to pick up signals of stress, pain and exertion before these symptoms become (too) serious.

A mindful body scan is a powerful way to get in touch with your body and really notice what you’re sensing, without judging or trying to change what’s happening within. At first glance, a body scan might seem like you’re just lying down doing nothing. But it involves a little more than that. Because while your body is resting, your mind goes on a guided tour from your toes to your head, pausing at each part and paying attention to what you’re feeling.

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Your Summer Reading Guide: The Coolest Tips on Nourishing Your Body & Mind

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Whether you’re lounging on the beach or catching a long-haul flight, summer vacation is the perfect moment to catch up on reading. And not just good books – there are plenty of interesting articles worth checking out too. So kick back and relax and make the most of your summer break with these refreshing recipes, self-care practices and psychological insights.

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19 Healthy Burgers and Fries for Your Summer BBQ

19 Healthy Burgers & Fries for BBQ Season | The Health Sessions


Summer’s officially here and we all know what that means: burger time!

But that doesn’t mean your limited to not-so-healthy store-bought burgers with too much salt and preservatives on white buns. Long gone are the days when those of us not loving red, processed meats where left with a dry turkey burger or tasteless, mushy veggie patty. Food blogs are filled with mouth-watering veggie burgers that even a meat lover would happily dig into. You can make plenty of exciting twists on the classic beef burger, from omega-3-rich salmon burgers to plant-powered patties made with chickpeas, quinoa, black rice and mushrooms.

And what’s a burger without fries? Still crispy and crunchy, the oven-baked veggie fries in this post contain less unhealthy trans fats and more nutritional value than your average French fries. And that includes better-for-you dipping sauces!

So gear up for grilling season with a summer’s worth of healthy burger and fries recipes.

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