The Ultimate Reading Guide for Coping with the Coronavirus Crisis

  • By Jennifer Mulder
  • 23 March 2020
  • 3 minute read
The Ultimate Reading Guide for Coping with the Coronavirus Crisis | The Health Sessions

Never before have I written an article about current events. The Health Sessions is a resource with timeless advice on how to live a good life with chronic illness and get one step closer to your own definition of recovery.

But now that the global pandemic of the coronavirus affects hundreds of millions of lives – including those with pre-existing health problems – I want to contribute with what I do best: sharing tips to help you get through this crisis.

That’s why I’m giving away The Bored and Sick Guide for free when you sign up for the weekly health sessions. You get 130 low-energy ideas to entertain yourself at home and beat the boredom!

What’s more, I’ve rounded up coping strategies, positive distraction and practical tips to deal with social distancing and self-isolation. Here’s your ultimate reading guide for coping with the coronavirus crisis – chronically ill or not. 

Corona and Chronic Illness

When you’re chronically ill, you’re probably already used to some degree of social isolation. You know what it’s like to be concerned over your health, to have sleepless nights, to be at home most of the time.

But chances are, you’re also more susceptible to getting sick on top of being sick. And if you struggle to get through the day under normal circumstances, not having your usual support systems to turn to as as result of social distancing may have severe consequences.

Here are some important things to know about the coronavirus and chronic illness:

5 Things People With Chronic Illness Need to Know About the New Coronavirus (from Health Central)

3 Ways Rare Disease Patients Can Prepare for the Coronavirus (from The Mighty)

Here’s What It’s Like to Be an Immunocompromised Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient in the Time of Coronavirus (from Creaky Joints)

Coronavirus, Medicare and Telemedicine: Everything You Need to Know (from Boomer Benefits)

The Ultimate Reading Guide for Coping with the Coronavirus Crisis | The Health Sessions

Coping Strategies

When you can’t fix your problems or escape them, there’s only one solution: finding effective ways to deal with the situation. Let’s have a look at healthy coping strategies for anxiety, uncontrollable stress and negative thinking patterns:

7 Coping Strategies to Deal with Health-Related Anxiety

How to Deal with Uncontrollable Stress

The Beginner’s Guide to Change Your Negative Thoughts

The Difference Between Genuine Optimism and Toxic Positivity (and Why It Matters)

Why You Should Mind Your Mental Diet 

How to Flourish in the Face of Adversity 

Stay at Home Survival Bundle 2020

Positive Distraction

Taking your mind off your problems can be a helpful coping strategy. Your brain can only process a limited amount of information at the same time, so negative thoughts, worries and fear are quite literally ‘pushed away’ when you distract yourself.

Here are some positive ways to distract yourself:

28 Fun Things to Do When You’re Bored and Sick at Home

45 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up When You’re Down

Art Therapy: 44 Creative Ways to Support Your Health and Happiness

Life in the Slow Lane: 21 Ideas to Embrace the Art of Slow Living

Bibliotherapy: How Reading Fiction Can Make You Feel Better

Cookie Monsters Unite: 11 Healthy Cookie for Every Diet 

The Ultimate Reading Guide for Coping with the Coronavirus Crisis | The Health Sessions

Staying Healthy

Let’s be honest – it’s hard fighting an invisible invader. Besides following all the guidelines about hygiene and staying at home whenever possible, there isn’t much you can do to prevent getting sick (on top of your usual sickness).

But you can try to boost your overall wellbeing and stock up on helpful items to better manage symptoms. Here’s how: 

Expert Round-Up: How to Stay Fit and Healthy During the Covid-19 Outbreak (from Health Web Magazine) — Check out my tips in the article!

What to Keep in Your Medicine Cabinet, According to an MD (from MindBodyGreen)

8 Natural Ways to Optimize Your Immunity

How to Stock Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

A Week of Anti-Inflammatory Pantry Meals for Corona Quarantine (from Creaky Joints)

6 Green Ideas to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

10 Healthy Daily Habits to Keep While Social Distancing, According to Psychologists (from Well + Good)

Practical Tips

Although temporarily working or studying from home – with or without kids in the house – is not the same as not being able to work outside your home due to chronic illness, there are useful tips you could try to make the most of the situation.

Take a look at these practical tricks to work, study, educate and entertain your kids all between four walls:

11 Tips for Working from Home with Chronic Illness

Study Guide for the Chronically Ill: 23 Tested Strategies

30 Ways to Entertain Your Active Toddler When You’re (Chronically) Ill 

A List of Learning Ideas, Resources, YouTube Channels and iPad Apps for Homeschooling (from Mamas Facing Forward)

What helps you cope with the coronavirus crisis? Stay safe! 

Do you want the tools and tips for living a good life with chronic illness? Sign up for your weekly health sessions and get ‘The Bored and Sick Guide’ for free. 

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