Guest Post Guidelines

Mindful Micro-Breaks: How to Recharge Yourself WIthin Minutes


The Health Sessions is NOT accepting new guest posts and/or sponsored posts until May 2020, due to the high volume of requests.

Thank you for wanting to contribute to The Health Sessions!

The Health Sessions is a platform for people with health problems who are looking to feel as energetic, symptom-free and happy as possible, by creating healthy habits and learning to cope better with chronic illness.

Our goal is to write helpful articles in a positive and encouraging tone, while always acknowledging the harsh reality of living with chronic illness. Our core themes are:

  1. How to effortlessly lead a healthier lifestyle
  2. Coping (better) with chronic illness
  3. How to get things done with chronic illness
  4. Living a happy and meaningful life despite chronic illness



  • Posts must be original for That means your post has not been published or submitted elsewhere online, including your personal blog, and will not be distributed on other websites without permission.
  • Provide scientific sources for your health claims. If you mention that certain foods, exercises or habits are (un)healthy, share with us how you know, by putting links from trustworthy sources in brackets: [e.g.:]
  • Feel free to link to relevant websites and blog posts (your own included), but only when it’s helpful and of added value to the readers. Please reserve self-promotion of your business, products or service to you bio (as opposed to directly in the post).
  • You can hyperlink or put relevant links in brackets; e.g. [].
  • For transparency reasons, all guest posts will have the author’s name in the byline. The Health Sessions doesn’t allow ghost writing on the website.



  • You’re welcome to pitch 1-5  topic suggestions at jennifer[at]thehealthsessions[dot]com. Please also include the specific URL you wish to promote through your article and/or author bio.n
  • After confirmation, send your full post in plain text (not HTML) in Microsoft Word or a comparable program to jennifer[at]thehealthsessions[dot]com, with the working title in the subject line.
  • Not mandatory: Send relevant images to your post as separate documents, not pasted within the document. Only send photos or images that you own. Photos in landscape format work best on our website.
  • Add an author bio (120 words or less) with links to your website, products and social media pages in brackets: [].

I will try to respond to your submission within two weeks.

You may be asked to revise to make your posts stronger or more suitable for our readers. Your post may be edited for grammar and clarity. If any major changes are made, you will be asked to review and approve it first.

When your guest post is accepted for publication, it would be highly appreciated if you help promote it across your social media channels.

Thank you for your time, effort and contribution!