Healing Mantras: Why Your Words Matter More Than You Think

  • By Jennifer Mulder
  • 19 September 2019
  • 3 minute read
Healing Mantras: Why Your Words Matter More Than You'd Think | The Health Sessions

This article is written by Donna Owens from 365 Days of Healing Mantras (affiliate link). 

We don’t have to look far these days to come across an inspiring quote, affirmations and mantras to help us get through our hectic days. There are mantras for love, healing, success and money – in fact there are mantras and quotes for every area of our life.

Why are they so popular? Because people need hope, reminding and comfort; permission to be ok, permission to not be ok, to hang in there, to stay strong, to keep going, to find love, support and motivation.

Mantras aren’t about just think positive and sugar coating life. They aren’t about faking smiles, fighting back tears and saying everything is perfect or “I’m fine” when clearly, we aren’t. Instead mantras are what you need in the moment you are in. You may look for a supportive mantra when you’re having a tough day, a self-loving mantra when you feel unloved or a keep going mantra when you want to give up.

We often look to the outside world for all these things – in people, mantras and online quotes. We feel we need permission and for others to tell us what we need to tell ourselves, which is that we are loved, we are doing the best we can and that with self-love and compassion we can get through the tough moments in life.

I love mantras, especially when anxiety or fear is creeping in. By repeating mantras regularly throughout the day, over time we begin to form a habit. We are consciously choosing to replace the negative self-talk to positive self-talk, while remaining in the moment and honouring our emotions.

When is the best time to say mantras?

Anytime! Say them as you wake up, as you make a cup of tea, as you are walking, as you shower or have a bath, as you meditate, before you sleep.

With mantras it’s important not to just say the words, but to stop and feel them, believe them and own them with every cell of your body. Some mantras may feel powerful and perfect to you so keep them and create a bond with them. You can use them in conjunction with EFT tapping practice, meditation or simply by writing them out over and over again. Some mantras won’t resonate with you and that’s ok. Move on to ones that do. You may find in time something will happen in your life and the mantra that doesn’t resonate now will be perfectly needed then.

Healing Mantras: Why Your Words Matter More Than You'd Think | The Health Sessions

One healing mantra a day

I have written a book 365 Days of Healing Mantras to keep you inspired, strong and loved as you travel along your healing journey. It’s a book you can read in one go or start your days with one mantra for a whole year. You could also just let the pages fall open and let the universe guide you to the mantra you need in the moment.

This book of mantras will open your heart to believing that the words are not just coming from the pages, but from within your heart. You’ll begin to believe the words as truth, your truth. Slowly your heart will open and expand, and your subconscious mind erases the negative words which you have been saying to yourself for years and new powerful words are written in place of them. There is even a bonus 20-minute mantra mediation video which comes with the book to help you really connect to the mantras.

The power of words

When we connect with ourselves and the power of words, we stop looking and asking for permission and validation from other people or things in the outside world. We don’t need to, because what we know inside of us is the truth: that we are strong, beautiful and powerful.

Why not try incorporating these four mantras from my book into your daily life? Sit with them, breathe them into your heart, feel them surround your being, meditate on them, journaling them or even repeating them as you practice restorative yoga.

“I am grateful for my breath. Thank you for keeping me in this moment.”

“It’s ok for me to rest. I release any guilt. I know that when I rest, I heal.”

“It doesn’t matter how slowly I go, I know I will get where I need to be in my own time and way.”

“I close my eyes and envision that I am getting healthier in every moment.”

The power of words and what we tell ourselves every day and every moment has a direct impact on our mood, actions, wellbeing and even health. So choose to always say loving kind words to yourself today and always.

Author bio: 365 Days of Healing Mantras’ is available in paperback and kindle and can be purchased on most Amazon websites. Donna Owens is a writer, speaker and her work can be found by visiting www.yogamybedandme.com or www.donna-owens.com.

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