Go Natural: 4 Health Benefits of Organic Health Care and Beauty Products

This article is written by Sarah Smith. 

Health care and beauty products have come a long way in modern times. From the old fashioned products that rose to prominence in the 1920s, we have created a massively diverse range of products. Customers have more choices than ever before, and navigating the endless choices can be confusing.

People are pushing for natural, organic, and healthy options more than ever before as new science shows how manufactured chemicals can be detrimental. There are numerous benefits to using organic health care and beauty products, for the consumer and the planet.

Labels aren’t always true

There are some things worth noting before we dive into the benefits of organic health care and beauty products. The FDA does not regulate the terms “organic” or “natural” on products. This means any brand is free to claim their items are natural or organic, even when it is not true.

To find actual organic products, you have to research the brand and read the ingredients list. Organic health care and beauty products do have benefits, but not all products that claim to be organic are telling the truth.

Go Natural: 4 Health Benefits of Organic Health Care and Beauty Products | The Health Sessions
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4 Health Benefits of Organic Beauty Products

1. Avoid Irritation And Allergies

Many of the chemicals and unnatural ingredients in mass-produced health care and beauty products can cause irritation for many people. Chemicals, artificial scents, colorants, and fillers can cause adverse reactions. Products that do not use natural or organic ingredients often have ingredient lists so long, it is near impossible to determine which component is responsible for the irritation or an allergic reaction.

Our skin is the largest and one of the most sensitive organs in our bodies, and you don’t want to expose your skin to potentially damaging or irritating ingredients. Unnatural products that interact with more than one area of your body can cause even more issues. Semi-permanent hair dye with sulfates and ammonia can cause scalp irritation and hair damage.

You can still have an allergic reaction to natural ingredients; if you are allergic to strawberries, using an organic strawberry lotion is not a good idea. But in general, you are less likely to react to organic ingredients.

2. Spare Your Nose

Artificial scents and fragrances exist to cover up the chemical smell from unnatural ingredients. These fake smells are nothing more than a way to hide fake ingredients and are often unpleasant or overpowering scents. Some artificial fragrances cause headaches because the combination of chemicals is not natural.

Many companies do not have to disclose what is in their scents because they are classed as trade secrets, so there is no way of knowing precisely what you are smelling. Natural and organic products will smell like their natural ingredients with no need to concoct artificial scents. Some organic health care and beauty products with natural scents can even be used for aromatherapy, because the ingredients are safe to inhale.

Au Naturel: 4 Health Benefits of Organic Health Care and Beauty Products | The Health Sessions

3. Slower, But Gentler Results

Many mass-produced unnatural and non-organic health care and beauty products advertise fast results, but those speedy results come at a price.

Products that promote clearing acne in a matter of days don’t tell you how they achieve those results. You might have your acne cleared up, but you are left with incredibly dry skin.

Substituting one problem for another isn’t a worthwhile trade. Truly organic or natural products tend to take longer to deliver results, but they do so in a gentler way to avoid damaging your body. There is no quick fix. If you want organic products, you will have to settle for a longer time frame.

4. Green for You and the World

Genuinely organic products consist of natural ingredients that are produced without harmful preservatives or pesticides. The organic process for creating products doesn’t harm the environment to the degree non-organic manufacturing does. Organic health care and beauty products do not contribute to toxic pollution of the air, ground, and water in the way conventional modern products do.

Even beyond the manufacturing process, organic products will not affect the environment when they go down your drain at home. Natural ingredients put through a natural process create a natural product. Environmentally friendly brands will go a step further and make their packaging recyclable or reusable, so the entire product is kind to the planet.

Go Natural: 4 Health Benefits of Organic Health Care and Beauty Products | The Health Sessions

To sum it up, organic health care and beauty products can provide benefits over traditionally manufactured products. Truly organic items will not contain harmful chemicals that can lead to irritations or allergic reactions. Artificial scents will not assault your nose, and while your results may be slower, the process will be gentler on your body.

Organic products are also better for the environment with natural ingredients and recyclable packaging. Organic health and beauty products are not perfect, but they can provide benefits you won’t find with non-organic alternatives.

What’s your main reason for going organic? 

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