14 Healthy Brunch Recipes for Slow Sundays

14 Healthy Brunch Recipes for Slow Sundays

Isn’t brunch the ideal mealtime on weekends?

You can still take it slow in the morning and work up an appetite. You can have savory and sweet dishes, both hot and cold. And depending on your health and daily rhythm, meeting friends over brunch may work better for your energy levels than late night dinner and drinks.

No matter if you want to celebrate Mother’s Day in style, crave a hearty start of the day or you’d love to organize an elegant but easy brunch party, here are 14 healthy brunch recipes that are perfect for slow Sundays.

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5 Online Exercise Programs for Rebuilding Fitness with Chronic Illness | The Health Sessions

5 Online Exercise Classes for Rebuilding Your Fitness with Chronic Illness

Moving your body has many benefits for your health and happiness, even if you’re chronically ill. Gentle exercise strengthens your muscles and supports healthy joints, lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol for better heart health, and improves your glucose levels. As a result, regular movement can ease chronic pain, increase energy levels and mobility, and help you function better in your daily life. What’s more, exercise improves your cognitive functioning and reduces anxiety, depression and negative mood.

But getting started with exercising can be hard if climbing the stairs already leaves you breathless and in pain. Or worse, when you struggle to leave the house or you’re stuck in bed most hours of the day. Even if you do function relatively well with chronic illness, you may still have to overcome obstacles for physical activity. Maybe the commute to the gym already takes up much of your precious energy, or you get so tired from your workout that you don’t have enough spoons left for your other obligations.

And good resources for rebuilding your strength and fitness with chronic illness can also be hard to find. Most (online) exercise programs start at a level that’s already challenging and taxing for many ‘spoonies’. For example, ‘From couch to 5K’ schedules sound accessible, but not if simply getting out of the door for a daily walk is a goal in itself.

When you struggle with limited energy, mobility and pain, how can you start exercising without increasing your symptoms and limitations?

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11 Tips to Gain Back Weight After Illness | The Health Sessions

11 Tips to Gain Back Weight After Illness

There’s so much emphasis on losing weight, that it can be hard to understand why gaining back weight after illness could be a problem. After all, you just have an extra serve of food at dinner or indulge on pizza with wine and you’re back on your ideal weight, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everybody. Some diseases, medications and treatments make it difficult to reach a healthy weight, and genetics play a role too. What’s more, a diet of French fries, ice cream and soda sounds tasty, but these foods can seriously upset your stomach or worsening your existing symptoms by increasing the overall inflammation in your body. Not exactly what you want when you’re already chronically ill.

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12 Healthy Movie Night Snacks for a Fun Movie Marathon | The Health Sessions

12 Healthy Movie Night Snacks to Try This Weekend

Let’s face it: good food makes everything a little better.

When you have arthritis, chronic fatigue or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, you probably spend plenty of time at home, resting. And there’s nothing like a captivating story to take your mind off your pain and problems for a while. What’s more, great movies can provide hope and inspiration. By showing similar situations from another point of view, movies also help you to reframe your problems, offer different solutions and see how things could work out.

A crunchy snack to munch on is all you need to turn your regular TV night into a fun movie marathon. Whether you love classic popcorn, salted pretzels or chocolate bars, there are healthier versions of all your favorite movie night snacks, sweet and savory.

No matter if you’re binge-watching by yourself, socializing with friends or having a date night at home, treat yourself to these 12 healthy movie night snacks for the ultimate film-viewing experience! 

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38 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Healthy Living | The Health Sessions

38 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Healthy Living

Do you feel like you need to take Pilates classes, turmeric lattes and fancy supplements to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Of course, all those things can help you feel good. But living with chronic illness is often costly enough with these extra expenses. There are medical bills to pay, you may need aids and tools to modify your living and work spaces, and all this while you probably have a reduced income because you’re too sick to work a full-time job.

The good news is: healthy living does not have to cost a fortune.

Don’t get me wrong: it makes a huge difference to your health and happiness if you live in a comfortable home in a safe neighborhood with good air quality, sidewalks and plenty of greenery around. And being able to pay for a supportive mattress for sleep, healthy staple foods and access to the Internet will definitely play a role in your wellbeing.

But in this article, we’ll focus on the things within your control: your thoughts and feelings, your habits and home. Not every tip will be affordable for everyone’s budget or doable for everybody’s health situation, but hopefully these accessible tips will give you enough inspiration to tailor them to your own needs.

Have a look at 38 budget-friendly ideas for healthy living. 

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