Recipes for Recovery: Warm Winter Porridge with Raspberry Sauce

This is a guest post by food coach Dali from Zonder Zooi

This breakfast reminds me to a dessert my mum made for us when we were young. She loved to make semolina pudding with warm raspberry sauce. Now, many years later I tought about it and had to make it again. Of course I changed the semolina for oats, because I’m a diehard oats fan. Really, I should start an oats fan club. This oatmeal porridge is great for those cold days that you don’t want to go outside. After you’ve eaten this your body is warmed up again and you can brave the cold.

Oats are full of fibre, B-vitamines and they’re a great source of slow carbs. These kind of carbs are important for your body as they make sure you’re satisfied for a long time. By adding pecans you’ll get your daily dose of healthy fats in, which is necessary for your brain. The raspberry sauce is bursting of vitamins and gives this breakfast a little dessert touch. Because we all want to have dessert for breakfast, right?

Recipes for Recovery: Warm Winter Porridge with Raspberry Sauce from ZonderZooi | The Health Sessions
(For two persons)

100 grams oat flakes
400 ml almond milk (e.g. rice milk, soy milk)
60 grams frozen raspberries
1 tablespoon maple syrup
A handful of pecan nuts

3 saucepans

Put some water in a pan and put a smaller pan on top, the raspberries need to melt the a bain marie way. Turn the gas on and add the raspberries when the water boils. Stir the raspberries every now and then. When they’ve turned into a raspberry sauce, add the maple syrup.

Put the oats and almond milk together in another pan and cook this for about 5-10 minutes. Keep stirring, after a while it changes into porridge. You can always add a little dash of maple syrup if you want to have sweet oats. Divide the porridge over two bowls, add the raspberry sauce on top and garnish with some pecan nuts. Enjoy!

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