Revitalizing Reading Guide: 12 Health Articles to Put a Spring in Your Step

Ah, spring, my favourite time of year! Make the most of this season of renewal and rejuvenation with these wellness tips from around the web.

Blossom: The Season for Growth

Put (A) Spring in Your Step

  • Seize the spring cleaning season. Create a healthier home for you and your family by eliminating common household toxins, decluttering and bringing the outdoors indoors.
  • According to NASA, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Shocking right? Have a look at the best houseplants to purify indoor air.
  • Did you know that gardening is rated the #1 longevity exercise according to Blue Zones? Not that strange considering this simple activity combines all the goodness of fresh air, vitamin D – producing sunshine, gentle exercise and mindfulness. For an extra health boost, start a small vegetable garden or grow health-boosting herbs in a window box.
  • Get your greens on with these 19 revitalizing recipes to enjoy more spring vegetables.
  • With the weather warming up, take your workout outside with these 10 outdoors exercises for spring.
  • If the lovely spring air comes with not-so-lovely seasonal allergies, try these 11 natural remedies to combat the coughing, itching and sneezing.
  • Head outside with this totally fun and healthy go-to picnic menu from Dolly and Oatmeal.
  • Dry winter skin? Shed your dead skin cells and get a healthy glow back by dry brushing your body before you jump into the shower. This ancient wellness practice also stimulates your blood and lymph flow, which support the natural detoxification process of your body.

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