Because September is the New January

Because September is the new January, How to Create Your Own Action Plan for Recovery is available at a 33% discount this month!

The 200-page ebook contains in-depth ideas on 4 essential elements of the recovery process:

  1. Restoration – how to truly relax your body and mind to support the natural healing process;
  2. Replenishing – 9 science-backed guidelines on nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods;
  3. Rebuilding – how to gradually get your strength and fitness back after serious illness or injury;
  4. Regaining Your Focus – why you should pay attention to your attention, plus two strategies for boosting your concentration.

What’s more, it shows you the psychological strategies to put these healthy habits into practice, including worksheets to create your personalized action plan for recovery.

So embrace that back-to-school feel of new beginnings and grab your own digital copy so you can start rebuilding your health today!

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Jennifer Mulder


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Start Rebuilding Your Health Today

‘How to Create Your Own Action Plan for Recovery’ is a step-by-step guide on rebuilding your health after illness or injury.

The 200-page ebook contains in-depth ideas on how to support restoration, replenish your body, rebuild your strength and regain your mental focus. 

Click here to learn more and buy the ebook