Spoonie Gift Guide: The 36 Most Comforting Presents for Your Chronically Ill Friend

Would you like to pamper your sick friend but don’t know what gift you should get them?

Finding the perfect present for the people you love can be a challenge in itself, but chronic illness can make the search even more complicated. What do you buy someone who can’t do a lot of things or suffers from sensitivities?

It depends of course on your friend’s illness, situation and interests. But many spoonies love to receive something soothing and indulgent, whether that’s a wellness gift, practical items to deal with the daily discomfort or entertaining goodies to beat the boredom.

For inspiration, have a look at these 36 comforting spoonie gift ideas for any budget. 

Spoonie Gift Guide: The 36 Most Comforting Presents for Your Chronically Ill Friend | The Health Sessions

The 36 Most Comforting Spoonie Gifts

Wellness Gifts

Beat the Boredom

  • Reading serious literature might be too hard when you’re ill, but a collection of short stories (all 900 words exactly!) will provide a happy distraction.
  • Give a ‘Movie Night in A Tin’. Crowd pleaser!
  • Bring an entertaining solitary activity that can be done seated or lying down: craft supplies like adult coloring books, beads or chunky wool for knitting; board games you can play solo or (3D) puzzles.
  • Want your chronically ill friend to have something to look forward to all year round? Consider giving a monthly subscription box, like the Spoonie Essentials Box or a Caring Crate.

Handy Gadgets That Make Life Easier

  • It’s nice to have something to drink by your bedside when you’re sick. That’s when a small tea pot (not too heavy) or a fruit infuser water bottle comes in handy.
  • Much to my own surprise, a multitasking bed tray is one of the most used gifts I’ve ever received. You can use the cushion padded lap desk to eat in bed, place your laptop on or use it to write/colour/craft on the couch.
  • Cute and useful: a fashionable pill and vitamin organizer clutch.
  • The Spoonie Planner and Medical Diary are powerful tools to help chronically ill people organize and tackle their health issues in an efficient way. And it makes a beautiful gift too.
  • It’s a splurge but kitchen tools that help your friend put a nourishing meal on the table when they’re running low on energy is an ultimate spoonie gift. The Crockpot turns cooking into an effortless chore and clean-up is a breeze. I’m also a big fan of the KitchenAid blender – you can make a lot more than smoothies with your blender!

Spoonie Gift Guide: The 36 Most Comforting Presents for Your Chronically Ill Friend | The Health Sessions

Boost of Positivity

Edible Treats

  • Who doesn’t love a DIY package for hot chocolate?
  • If your friend is into healthy eating, why not surprise them with a matcha starter set, a selection of health-boosting spices or infused oils?
  • A bowl of nourishing soup is the ultimate get-well-soon dish. That makes homemade soup mix in a jar a perfect spoonie gift!
  • More cozy in a cup: buy a cute mug with good-quality tea, honey and lemon.
  • Bring inspiration for nutrient-rich meals with the 10 must-have cookbooks for healthy foodies.

Which comforting spoonie gift will you surprise your sick friend with? 


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