3 Tips to Strengthen Your Immunity Before the Cold & Flu Season

  • By Erika Cruz
  • 4 September 2023
  • 3 minute read
3 Tips to Strengthen Your Immunity Before the Cold and Flu Season | The Health Sessions

Can you believe it’s already September? In just a blink, you’ll dress up for Halloween, pull on your favorite warm sweaters, and sip some delicious hot cocoa by the fireplace. Thinking about it, it’s no surprise that so many folks love this time of year!

However, there’s a flip side to these cozy times: it is the peak season for catching colds, the flu and other viruses. And the last time you want is to get sick on top of your usual illness.

So, while you’re updating your closet with fall and winter outfits, it’s equally important to gear up against the germs and give your immune system some extra attention.

Don’t worry, because you’re not in this alone. Dive below to find 3 top tips to boost your immunity and prep for the upcoming cold and flu season.

1. Try a Natural Immune Booster

Nature is full of wonders that can help you stay strong and healthy, especially during cold and flu season, like ginger and turmeric, medicinal mushrooms and Echinacea.

Recently, pine pollen has been gaining quite a lot of attention. It’s a natural substance that comes from pine trees and is packed with vitamins and nutrients that your body loves. Moreover, it has immunity-activating properties (thanks to gibberellins, brassinosteroids, and polysaccharides) that boost the production of natural killer (NK) cells.

However, the benefits of pine pollen are not limited to immunity. It also provides energy, supports overall well-being, and is a great addition to your diet if you want to boost your health naturally. So, this winter season, how about you give it a try?

2. Limit Sugar Intake

You’ve been waiting all year for this season to indulge in your favorite treats and cookies, haven’t you? After all, it’s quite hard to resist the temptation of sugary delights, especially when they’re everywhere.

However, here’s something to think about- excessive sugar isn’t just bad for your teeth and waistline. Too much sugar can actually slow down your immune cells that fight off harmful bacteria.

So, you must pay attention to your sugar intake and limit it. An occasional sweet treat is absolutely okay, but gobbling them down every day might not be the best idea, especially if you want to avoid the cold. Therefore, avoid sugary drinks and save desserts for special occasions. If you struggle to curb your cravings, you could try these 32 sweet recipes while still reducing your refined sugar intake.

3 Tips to Strengthen Your Immunity Before the Cold and Flu Season | The Health Sessions
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3. Pay Attention To Your Stress Level

Did you know that as the days get shorter and colder, some people feel a lot sadder than usual? This feeling is more than just the “winter blues.” It’s called SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder.

It’s a type of depression that usually starts in the fall and can last until spring. One big reason behind it is the decrease in sunlight, which affects your mood. But here’s something crucial to note: SAD doesn’t just make you feel down; it can also weaken your immune system.

So, as you prepare for the cold season, remember to keep an eye on your stress and mood levels. Practice yoga and meditation, get some sunlight, and move your body regularly to manage your stress and boost your immune system.

Final Thoughts

Powering your immunity doesn’t require a drastic change in lifestyle. Aside from practice good hygiene, just follow the tips discussed in your daily routine and boost your overall health. After all, prevention is the best medicine.

For more ways to optimize your immunity, take a look at How to Stock Your Natural Medicine Cabinet. And if you do catch a cold, flu or virus, knowing these 47 Ways You Can Make the Most of Rest Days will come in handy.

Author bio: Erika Cruz is a seasoned health tech writer with over five years of experience at Outreach Monks. Erika specializes in crafting informative articles that effectively connect the realms of technology and healthcare. Her work aims to empower readers, equipping them with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about their health while also highlighting the latest advancements in health technology. 

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