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19 Healthy Burgers and Fries for Your Summer BBQ

Summer’s officially here and we all know what that means: burger time!

But that doesn’t mean your limited to not-so-healthy store-bought burgers with too much salt and preservatives on white buns. Long gone are the days when those of us not loving red, processed meats where left with a dry turkey burger or tasteless, mushy veggie patty. Food blogs are filled with mouth-watering veggie burgers that even a meat lover would happily dig into. You can make plenty of exciting twists on the classic beef burger, from omega-3-rich salmon burgers to plant-powered patties made with chickpeas, quinoa, black rice and mushrooms.

And what’s a burger without fries? Still crispy and crunchy, the oven-baked veggie fries in this post contain less unhealthy trans fats and more nutritional value than your average French fries. And that includes better-for-you dipping sauces!

So gear up for grilling season with a summer’s worth of healthy burger and fries recipes.

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Healthy BBQ Recipes | Salmon Skewers
Salmon Skewers from Sprouted Kitchen


As temperatures are rising and the sun is (finally!) shining in the Netherlands, everyone is gearing up for a summer full of al fresco dining with family and friends. And as much as I enjoy catching up with my loved ones in the garden, I’m not a huge fan of greasy pork sausages and fatty potato salads that are often served at barbecues. So I drew some inspiration from my favourite food blogs and found some amazing recipes that are perfect for the grill. They are easy to make, fresh and tasty, and above all: 100% guilt free! Enjoy!

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