10 Real-Life Spoonies You Should Know and Follow | The Health Sessions

10 Spoonies You Should Know and Follow

When you feel sick, sad and lonely, it can be so valuable to connect with others who are going through a similar situation. Within the chronic illness community, you can find support from people who get you, share practical tips and learn from their experiences. 

Yes, you have to be careful that you don’t fully identify with your diagnosis or get stuck in an online competition of who has it worse. But sometimes, online strangers can turn into virtual friends when you notice you have more in common than the ‘spoonie’ label. 

The ladies below balance the hardship of living with chronic illness with hopeful messages and hilarious hiccups. Reading their stories can make you feel understood or put emotions into words you didn’t know how to express yourself. 

So start following these 10 spoonies for your daily dose of support, inspiration and motivation! 

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Actively Autoimmune: How Zoe Uses Exercise to Manage Multiple Chronic Conditions | The Health Sessions

Actively Autoimmune: How Zoe Uses Exercise to Manage Multiple Chronic Conditions

What’s it really like to live with chronic health problems every day? How do you deal with the physical symptoms, emotional turmoil and practical problems? In this interview series, real life ‘spoonies’ share their experiences and tips. Zoe is a 28-year old physiotherapist from England who lives with multiple chronic illnesses. On Actively Autoimmune, she shares … Read more >

10 Natural Blood Thinners That Help Prevent Blood Clots | The Health Sessions

10 Natural Blood Thinners That Help Prevent Blood Clots

This article is written by dr. Sohil from www.howtocure.com.

Blood clotting is necessary at times to prevent the body from losing out on too much blood, but the problem arises when the blood starts getting thicker and forms clots inside the body. Hence in such cases, blood thinners might be necessary. Moreover, too much thinning of blood can also cause a problem as the blood refuses to clot even when a person has a minor injury.

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Book Review 'The Art of Health': How to Create Your Own Picture of Wellbeing | The Health Sessions

Book Review ‘The Art of Health’: How to Create Your Picture of Wellbeing

There’s a dizzying amount of health information out there. Doctors, therapists, nutritionists and fitness gurus tell you to follow a Paleo, vegan or a Mediterranean diet, to meditate daily, do cardio or rather strength training. All that conflicting advice can be pretty confusing. But what does it actually mean to be healthy? And who’s the ultimate authority on your health? Does a doctor know what health is simply because they are a doctor?

These are the questions that naturopathic doctor Aarti Patel poses in The Art of Health: Simple and Powerful Keys for Creating Health in Your Life, a book with a fresh approach for anyone who’s sick of all the food hypes, extreme exercise regimens and miracle cures.

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Health Sessions: Habits, Happiness and How to Get Things Done with Chronic Illness

Health Sessions: Habits, Happiness and How to Get Things Done with Chronic Illness | The Health Sessions


There comes a point in your life when it’s time to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.”

— Albert Einstein


I finally took the plunge.

After years of daydreaming about it, I’ve started writing my first ebook, about creating your own action plan for recovering from illness or injury. So far it’s been a pretty challenging project, with many new things to learn while trying to keep The Health Sessions and my family life running smoothly. But just like everything else in my life, it might take me ages to complete, with the inevitable obstacles in my way, but somehow I’ll get there in the end.

With all my time and energy poured into writing the ebook, however, my inspiration for truly useful blog posts has run a bit dry. Luckily, there are 71 articles packed with in-depth advice in the archives, from how-to guide and expert tips to recipe posts and personal essays.

Here are some of my all-time favourite posts on The Health Sessions. Which article did you find most helpful? Happy reading!

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