11 Smart Food Combinations to Maximize Your Nutrient Absorption | The Health Sessions

11 Smart Food Combinations to Absorb More Nutrients

You know you should eat a wide variety of colorful foods to get all the vitamins and minerals you need to function well. But simply consuming these nutrients isn’t enough – your body has to absorb them first.

The percentage of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients that makes it into your bloodstream after ingestion is called bioavailability. The bioavailability of nutrients is influenced by how you cook your food, your biological makeup and how you plan your menu.

Your menu? Yes. Because when you add certain ingredients together, that combination maximizes your body’s ability to absorb the available nutrients. Take a look at how you can get the most nutritional value out of your meals by making smart food combinations.

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Have Your Cake: 10 Healthy Holiday Desserts | The Health Sessions

Have Your Cake: 10 Healthy Holiday Desserts

Tis the season for sweet temptations. From holiday office parties to family celebrations, who can resist all the delicious treats this time of year has to offer?

Now I’m not one to preach healthy eating throughout the holidays. As the saying goes, it’s not about what you eat between Christmas and New Year’s, it’s how you eat between New Year’s and Christmas that matters.

But if – for medical reasons or by choice – you’d like to eat healthily without depriving yourself, you can easily swap traditional sugar-laden desserts for healthier alternatives. The dessert recipes below all use wholesome ingredients like natural sweeteners, whole grains, plant-based dairy and even veggies. And by the looks of it, you’d never guess that these sweet treats are actually pretty healthy.

So have your cake and eat it too with these 10 healthy holiday desserts!

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7 Healthy Cookbooks You Need in Your Kitchen (Now) | The Health Sessions

7 Healthy Cookbooks You Need in Your Kitchen (Now)

It’s the same old question every day: “What’s for dinner tonight?”

No matter if you’re a seasoned home cook or a kitchen novice, you can never have too much healthy food inspiration. Whether you’re looking for nourishing breakfasts or easy weeknight dinners, the lush food photography in the cookbooks listed below will get you fired up to prep healthy meals in no-time.

There’s a recipe guide for everyone’s taste, from plant-based dishes and Paleo feel-good food to family-friendly, balanced dinners. All the cookbooks have one thing in common: they all showcase home-cooked meals made with fresh, wholesome ingredients.

So get the perfect gift for your foodie friend or expand your own culinary repertoire with these 7 healthy cookbooks you need in your kitchen – now. 

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11 Medicinal Mushroom Recipes That'll Boost Your Immunity | The Health Sessions

11 Medicinal Mushroom Recipes That’ll Boost Your Immunity

“All fungi are edible. Some fungi are only edible once.” – Terry Pratchett

For hundreds of years, mushrooms have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for healing purposes. Used in tinctures, powders and teas made from dried fungi, medicinal mushrooms were believed to support the immune system, protect heart health and promote longevity.

It turns out that these traditional healers were onto something. Not only are mushrooms packed with vitamin B and minerals like copper, selenium and zinc, they’re also an excellent source of antioxidants – substances that protect against cell damage from free radicals. That makes mushrooms great for fighting inflammation in the body and boosting your immunity.

What’s more, studies have found that medicinal mushrooms indeed contain powerful compounds that enhance your health. Although more research is needed, each mushroom seems to have their own unique benefits:

  • Shiitake support a healthy heart by lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol in mice.
  • Reishi help your body adjust to physical and psychological stress, making it a natural remedy for anxiety, depression and sleeplessness.
  • Cordyceps are known for their energy-boosting powers. This mushroom fights fatigue and boosts athletic performance by enhancing cellular energy.
  • Chaga mushrooms are packed with antioxidants, helping you reduce disease-promoting inflammation in your body.
  • Maitake contain beta-glucans, which stimulate the immune system. In animal studies, maitake have been shown to reduce tumor growth and increase the number of cells fighting tumors.

Of course the most pleasurable way to get the benefits from these medicinal mushrooms is to add them to your diet. Because of their meaty texture and earthy flavors, mushrooms lend themselves really well for vegetarian dishes.

If you do want to take supplements, powders or tinctures, please check with your doctor for the right dosage, unwanted side effects and possible drug interactions. It’s also best not to eat mushrooms raw – and don’t forage them in the wild without expertise.

Include some medicinal mushroom magic in your meals with these 11 fungi recipes. 

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12 Comforting One Pot Dinners for Crispy Evenings | The Health Sessions

12 Comforting One Pot Dinners for Crispy Evenings

Does Fall have you craving comfort foods? There’s something so cozy about sitting down with a warming bowl of fragrant Fall flavours on a crispy day. And one pot dinners combine the best of both worlds: they’re healthy, comforting and require less dirty dishes to clean up.

Many of the (vegetarian) dinners below can even be cooked in 30 minutes or less on weekends, others are perfect for slow-cooked suppers. You can grab a glass of wine and set the table while your stew or roast simmers on the stove or in the oven.

So take a look at these 12 tasty one pot dinners to warm your heart as much as your stomach! 

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