6 Ways to Beat Bad Online Habits | The Health Sessions

6 Ways to Beat Bad Online Habits

This article was written by Alice Yoon from ThesisRush. 

Everyone’s got bad habits, especially in the digital age, working on online platforms. We know them and despite knowing the consequences of tagging them along, we always find ourselves struggling to stop them. Why stop them? It’s fun to binge-watch Netflix, to browse Instagram and Facebook all day long, or to go online shopping at late hours. In addition, you may be forced to check your email periodically throughout the day.

But these online habits are bad for you. The things mentioned above will lead to eye strain, emotional problems like depression, poor sleeping habits, negative body image, decreased focus and mental energy, and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

It is not easy to get rid of these harmful online habits, but it is possible. Actually, most of the things we do each day are not out of a decision we have made. They are something that has become a habit. We just find ourselves doing things that we would otherwise not do because they were not in the plan. If you want to get out of this, here are 6 ways to beat bad online habits.

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5 Nutrition Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle | The Health Sessions

5 Nutrition Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

This article is written by Amanda Wilks. 

Adopting an overall healthy lifestyle means more than eating the occasional apple and hitting the gym every once in a while. This major change needs to cover every single aspect of your life, from the cooking methods you use to how many hours of rest you get per night. In this article, we will give you five nutrition tips that will help you make a successful transition to a more sustainable and wellbeing-oriented existence.

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The Benefits of Using a Treadmill: Is it Worth It? | The Health Sessions

The Benefits of Using a Treadmill: Is it Worth It?

This article is written by Melissa Hamler from Access Health

Many of us struggle to get the right amount of exercise into our busy days, often finding it too difficult to afford the gym and make the time to go there. So how can you make it easier and more convenient to get your daily workout in? Consider purchasing a quality treadmill for your home!

Brisk walking and jogging are great for our health, allowing us to reach the daily target of 20-30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity that we should be aiming for. A treadmill allows for this to be possible from the comfort of your own home, all while only requiring a one-time investment.

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12 Wellness Practices From Around The World | The Health Sessions

12 Wellness Practices From Around the World

This article is written by Shari’s Berries

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. In fact, small amounts of stress are surprisingly beneficial for us, keeping us motivated to perform. But, in today’s world we’re bombarded by situations that cause stress. Whether its finances, family issues, pain, or something else, too much stress can actually increase the symptoms of chronic illness. That’s why it’s important to learn how to manage your stress.

Just like eating well and getting exercise, stress reduction is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Even more, it turns out people around the world have their own unique way to practice self-care and wellness. Next time you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, check out these happiness and wellness practices from around the world. Who knows, you may even incorporate one into your daily routine! 

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How You Can Gradually Build Your Fitness with Cycling | The Health Sessions

How You Can Gradually Build Your Fitness with Cycling

This is a guest post by Sophie Elise from bestbikesforwomen.com.


Are you tired of being out of shape and want to gain your fitness back?

If your answer is yes, then you need to find a workout that fits your lifestyle. But there are thousands of workouts that can help you to achieve your goals. So, which one should you choose?

I would suggest cycling because it’s a fun and entertaining activity. If you are trying to improve your fitness level, then cycling is an ideal form of exercise for you. Because it will help to build your fitness gradually and the fact that it is an immensely enjoyable activity makes it more alluring. Furthermore, cycling also helps us to build our muscle and develop a toned body.

Below I am going to show you exactly how you can build your fitness gradually with bicycling.

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