12 Inner Peace Quotes to Find Calm in the Chaos | The Health Sessions

12 Inner Peace Quotes to Find Calm in the Chaos

Living with chronic illness can be pretty stressful, unpredictable and overwhelming. Aside from the physical pain and symptoms, you have to deal with a rollercoaster of emotions, practical problems and an uncertain future.

It’s a far cry from the image most of us have of ‘inner peace’.

But the thing is, you don’t have to be a yogi, serenely meditating in natural surroundings to find that calm state of mind. Even with everything that’s going on around you, it is possible to stay centered and quiet the noise.

Inner peace refers to the ability to remain relatively calm and undisturbed by external conditions. Even in difficult situations, you manage to clear your mind, listen to your own inner voice, and act calm and collected. Inner peace also means you don’t feel so attached to outward events – what people think of you, superficial achievements or keeping up with the Joneses.

The million dollar question of course is, how can you reach that state of inner peace?

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Why You Should Chose Contentment over Happiness | The Health Sessions

Why You Should Choose Contentment over Happiness

“Don’t worry, be happy.”

Bob Marley made it sound so easy, but feeling happy no matter your situation forms a challenge for most of us. It’s hard to be bursting with joy when you’re exhausted and in pain, or when you’re struggling with money troubles and heartache.

Over the past decades, countless of popular psychology books and articles have shown us that there are things we can do to influence our level of happiness. Although our genes and life circumstances definitely play a role too, we can all take steps to get happier.

Of course, that’s great news. And recommended habits like practicing gratitude, moving your body regularly, spending time in nature and building strong relationships all prove to boost your emotional wellbeing. But is the pursuit of happiness actually making us feel better?

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10 Emotional Well-Being Tips When Living with a Chronic Illness | The Health Sessions

10 Emotional Wellbeing Tips When Living with a Chronic Illness

This article is written by Michael Dehoyos. 

When you’re living and dealing with chronic illness, you already know that life isn’t easy, and you need to be mindful of how you’re feeling and how you’re looking after yourself. This means not just with your physical illness, but also your emotional well-being.

Chronic illness can take its toll on your day-to-day life, but with a bit of awareness and by following the steps below, you can take charge of your disease and maintain control of your life and your happiness. Here are ten tips to remember.

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How Yoga Helps Rachel Marie White Heal | The Health Sessions

Teaming Up with Your Body: How Yoga Helps Rachel Marie White Heal

When you’re diagnosed with chronic illness, is there anything you can do to improve your health and happiness? Can you (fully) recover from persisting health problems, and if so, how? In this interview, Rachel Marie White from Sleepy Santosha shares her story.  Tell us a little about yourself. Hi, my name is Rachel. I’m a certified yoga … Read more >