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12 Recovery Quotes to Rebuild Your Health and Happiness

In the movies it looks so easy. You get sick, feel down, then work hard on your recovery – maybe with one setback for dramatic effects – and voila, you’re all better.

Recovery stories on wellness websites often follow the same narrative. After trying all options and hitting rock bottom, the sick person finds the (holistic) solution for their illness, leaving them feeling more energetic than ever before.

As inspirational as these accounts are, real life usually isn’t as simple or glamorous as that. In reality, recovery rarely is a linear process. On the contrary – it’s a process of achievements and setbacks that can repeat itself multiple times. Recovery also takes time. Even a small cut takes a few days to fully heal. And sometimes, regaining your former health just isn’t possible. The disease is too complex, the treatment options insufficient, the body too weakened or damaged.

That’s why I believe in creating your own definition of recovery, one that isn’t limited to being fully healed. No matter if you’re struggling with chronic illness, serious injury, mental health problems or addiction, there’s always something you can do to make tiny improvements to your physical health, emotional wellbeing or quality of life.

So if you could use some motivation to keep working on rebuilding your health and happiness, take a good look at these 12 recovery quotes.

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10 Natural Blood Thinners That Help Prevent Blood Clots | The Health Sessions

10 Natural Blood Thinners That Help Prevent Blood Clots

This article is written by dr. Sohil from www.howtocure.com.

Blood clotting is necessary at times to prevent the body from losing out on too much blood, but the problem arises when the blood starts getting thicker and forms clots inside the body. Hence in such cases, blood thinners might be necessary. Moreover, too much thinning of blood can also cause a problem as the blood refuses to clot even when a person has a minor injury.

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How to Reset Your Internal Clock | The Health Sessions

10 Natural Ways to Reset Your Internal Clock

You know how you often feel tired and groggy in the afternoon? That’s your internal clock at work.

You might be more in tune with your work schedule than your body rhythm, but all of us are governed by a biological schedule. Circadian rhythm refers to the countless changes your body experiences over a 24-hour period. From your sleep-wake cycle to hormone production and daily fluctuations of alertness, circadian rhythms affect every aspect of your functioning.

The master internal clock that controls the different clocks throughout your body is a group of nerves in the hypothalamus called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). Each morning, light enters your eyes and travels along the optic nerve to signal to the SCN that it’s time to start the day’s circadian cycle.

For thousands of years, humans organized their days around their biological clock. But now that we are no longer getting up at sunrise, spending our days outdoors and going to bed when it gets dark, our body clocks get disrupted. And this can cause serious troubles. Research has linked disturbed internal clocks to anything from an increased chance at injuries and accidents to chronic health problems like obesity, heart disease and cognitive decline.

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How to Practice Alternate Nostril Breathing | The Health Sessions

How to Practice Alternate Nostril Breathing

Breathing exercises are an excellent tool to relax and recharge at the same time. They’re a crucial component of many relaxation methods: yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. Now you’re probably familiar with deep belly breathing, but have you ever heard of alternative nostril breathing? Alternate nostril breathing is an ancient yogic practice that … Read more >

Why Entertaining Yourself When You’re Sick Isn’t a Luxury | The Health Sessions

Why Entertaining Yourself When You’re Sick Isn’t a Luxury

Just like time flies when you’re having fun, the days can feel endlessly long when you’re stuck in bed, sick. Sure, catching up on your Netflix queue is fun at first. But when you find yourself refreshing your social media feeds every 5 minutes because the only other option is staring at the ceiling, it’s time for some entertainment.

Luckily for most people, that’s when you start to recover from the flu or whatever virus has been bugging you. But when you’re living with chronic illness, injury or disability, you might not feel well enough to pick up your usual routines and hobbies again. Instead, life may feel like you’re trapped in Groundhog Day – and not a happy one.

Finding enjoyable things to do when you’re sick at home alone may seem like a luxury problem, but it can actually have a bigger impact on your overall wellbeing than you might realize. Here’s why keeping (chronic) boredom at bay matters to your health.

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