10 Must-Have Cookbooks for Healthy Food Lovers | The Health Sessions

10 Must-Have Cookbooks for Healthy Food Lovers

With long, dark winter evenings that have you craving comforting foods, a brand new year with healthy resolutions looming on the horizon and the holiday season in full swing, now is the perfect time to expand your healthy meal repertoire with one of these must-have cookbooks!

Which one will you put on your wish list or buy as a present?

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Crowding Out: Why Adding Foods Equals a Healthier Diet than Subtracting | The Health Sessions

Crowding Out: Why Adding Foods Equals a Healthier Diet than Subtracting

“Ok, this is my last cookie! Starting tomorrow I’m only gonna sip on coconut water and have steamed fish with salad for dinner each night.”

“Well, maybe just one more…  After all, it is my last chance to munch on something sweet for a while…”

Be honest, how many times have you had this talk with yourself?

For some people, cutting out cookies and following a strict but healthy diet works out great. (‘The Happiness Project‘ author Gretchen Rubin has written a compelling post about the difference between abstainers and moderators when trying to change bad habits.) But too often, people confuse healthy eating with restricting and depriving yourself.

But what if you looked at it differently? What if, instead of thinking of which foods you have to give up to eat healthily, you start focusing on nourishing your body with wholesome foods that actually taste good too? 

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Healthy Snacking On The Go

Healthy Snacking On The Go: 10 Savoury and Sweet Bites

Always a nutritious bite at hand? Learn how to meal plan like a pro with the recipes, grocery lists, pantry plans and meal solutions in the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle.

When the afternoon rolls around and you feel yourself slipping into a slump, it’s all too tempting to grab a red velvet cupcake to go with your latte macchiato or hit the vending machine at work. But as yummy as these treats can be, there are more nutritious ways to keep your energy up throughout the day – and satisfy your taste buds too.

Here are 10 healthy homemade snacks that you can bring to the office or eat on the go.

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