19 Healthy Burgers and Fries for Your Summer BBQ

19 Healthy Burgers & Fries for BBQ Season | The Health Sessions


Summer’s officially here and we all know what that means: burger time!

But that doesn’t mean your limited to not-so-healthy store-bought burgers with too much salt and preservatives on white buns. Long gone are the days when those of us not loving red, processed meats where left with a dry turkey burger or tasteless, mushy veggie patty. Food blogs are filled with mouth-watering veggie burgers that even a meat lover would happily dig into. You can make plenty of exciting twists on the classic beef burger, from omega-3-rich salmon burgers to plant-powered patties made with chickpeas, quinoa, black rice and mushrooms.

And what’s a burger without fries? Still crispy and crunchy, the oven-baked veggie fries in this post contain less unhealthy trans fats and more nutritional value than your average French fries. And that includes better-for-you dipping sauces!

So gear up for grilling season with a summer’s worth of healthy burger and fries recipes.

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Get Your Greens On: 19 Revitalizing Recipes to Enjoy More Spring Vegetables

Get Your Greens On: 19 Revitalizing Recipes to Enjoy More Spring Vegetables | The Health Sessions


Aah, Spring. My favourite time of year.

After those grey winter days, there’s nothing better than feeling the sun of your face and enjoying new life: brightly colored tulips, blossoming trees, ducklings in the pond and vibrantly fresh fruit and veggies.

Spring vegetables are bursting with vitality and nutrients. Leafy greens like baby spinach, Swiss chard and watercress are packed with vitamin C and chlorofyll, the powerful green pigment in plants that allows them to convert sunlight into energy. Watercress even ranks number one on the list of most nutrient-dense foods.

But don’t underestimate the nutritional power of spring veggies such as peas, leeks, asparagus, radishes and rhubarb! Each of these seasonal favourites turns out to be an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants and disease-fighting phytonutrients. Fennel even is traditionally used to help with digestive problems, while artichoke and dandelion support liver health and your body’s natural detoxification process.

Plenty of reasons to get your daily doses of greens in! Have a look at these 19 fresh, colourful and vibrant recipes to enjoy more spring vegetables all day long. 

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10 Delicious Dinners in a Bowl

10 Delicious Dinners in a Bowl | The Health Sessions


Healthy food bowls are all the craze. Whether it’s a breakfast smoothie bowl, powerful porridge or a Buddha bowl for lunch, there’s something ultimately comforting about digging into layers of goodness.

Making your weeknight dinner in a bowl is oh so easy and appetizing too. You just pick a colourful variety of veggies and grains, add some (plant-based) protein and healthy fats, before you top it off with nuts, seeds, microgreens and a tasty dressing. Et voila, dinner is served!

Here are 10 hearty and healthy recipes to inspire your next dinner bowl. Enjoy! 

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How to Effortlessly Make a Healthy Dinner When You're Tired | The Health Sessions

How to Effortlessly Make a Healthy Dinner When You’re Tired

It’s non-negotiable. Just cook.” – Sarah Wilson on Twitter.

If you want to eat healthily, making your own meals (most of the time) is not an option but a necessity. It’s the best way to have a say in the ingredients, add variation to your overall diet and limit your intake of refined sugar, trans fats and artificial flavours.

Now, I love cooking. And I love all the amazing, wholesome recipes on food blogs these days. But honestly, after a long day of running around after a one-year old, squeezing in writing and household chores during naps, it sometimes feels like too much effort to cut up tons of veggies and spend an hour behind the stove.

You’ve probably felt the same way when you’ve had a tiring day, whether that’s because of work, illness or way too active kids.

And while it’s tempting to just shove a pizza in the oven whenever you’re too tired to cook, as a rule it’s better to find a healthy alternative to ordering takeout or heating up microwaved meals. Processed foods often contain too much salt, too little veg and an addictive combo of high sugar/high fat. And frankly, most convenience meals are just plain bland in taste compared to a home cooked dinner.

So let’s have a look how you can still put a nutritious meal on the table when you’re running low on energy.

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10 Surprising Salads for Sunny Days

10 Surprising Salads for Sunny Days |The Health Sessions


Gone are the days when salads were mere side dishes made from iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. Although there’s nothing wrong with a good, classic Greek salad, there are so many more and delicious ways to enjoy the abundance of spring and summer produce.

Making a satisfying salad can be as simple as tossing leafy greens in a bowl with a homemade dressing, (leftover) veggies and toppings such as roasted pine nuts, crumbled feta or turkey breast. But the food bloggers listed below show that you can also use more unexpected vegetables, herbs and other fresh ingredients in your summery salad.

Try one of these 10 surprising salads for a little sunshine on your plate! 

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