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How to Stock Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

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Few things are more annoying than becoming sick in the middle of the night and realizing you have nothing at home to ease your symptoms. That’s why many of us keep aspirin, cough medicine and Imodium at hand. But have you ever considered stocking a natural medicine cabinet (too)?

There are different reasons why you might turn to natural remedies instead of conventional medication when you get sick.  You may experience side-effects from over-the-counter drugs or you want to fix the root cause instead of treating symptoms. Natural remedies could also help prevent you from getting ill, by supporting your immunity.

Whatever your motivation, take a look at these 8 remedies to keep in your natural medicine cabinet. 

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7 Ways to Incorporate Eco-Friendly Products into Your Life | The Health Sessions

7 Ways to Incorporate Eco-Friendly Products into Your Life

This article is written by Sophia Smith. 

As we slowly come to realize just how every decision we make can impact the world around us, more people are choosing to transition to a more sustainable existence. It’s beneficial in so many different ways. From helping you cut expenses, providing yourself with the healthiest possible products, all the way to preserving the environment, there are so many perks to going green. However, not everyone is aware of the choices we have, so they stick with the old-fashioned, not so green options so prevalent on the supermarket shelves.

Looking to transform your life into a more eco-conscious one and make a difference for yourself, your family, and Mother Nature? Here are several of the simplest, but most profound ways you can swap existing products for greener ones and slowly change the way you live to an eco-friendlier existence.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Alternative Therapy Care for Chronic Illness | The Health Sessions

5 Reasons Why You Should Explore Alternative Therapy Care for Chronic Illness

This article is written by Pat Tiffin. 

The only option to maintain a good quality of life with chronic illness is symptom management. More and more in recent years, patients are turning to complementary and alternative therapies to improve their health outcomes.

Conventional treatment often leans heavily on medication. Though pharmaceuticals can be helpful in symptom management, quality of life is a whole different issue. For example, ‘mild side effects’ from drugs that manage high blood pressure (hypertension) can include nervousness, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, lethargy and even skin rash. Although your body may adjust over time, symptom management by medication could reproduce new symptoms.

Granted, there’s nothing life-threatening in that list of side-effects, but if you weren’t taking medication and felt sick like that, you’d probably take yourself to the doctor.

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Life in the Slow Lane: 21 Ideas to Embrace Slow Living | The Health Sessions

Life in the Slow Lane: 21 Ideas to Embrace Slow Living

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

Those endless Summer days are a perfect invitation to adopt a Mediterranean pace of slow living, with time for siestas and home-cooked family meals al fresco. With the sun on your face and great company, what more could you need?

In our fast-pace world, taking time to slow down, savor the moment and enjoy simple pleasures has become a luxury. The notions of “you only live once” and “living your best life” has given many of us a sense of urgency. Every moment has to be seized and used productively. Combined with technology that tempts us to be ‘on’ and connected at all times, there’s little room left for slow living. Time even wrote a notorious piece about the Dutch concept of ‘niksen’ – which literally means doing nothing – as if sitting still and staring our of the window is something revolutionary.

But when you’re living with chronic illness, you’re probably used to life in the slow lane. Having little energy, reduced mobility and requiring lots of rest usually means taking things slow. Because slow living due to health problems isn’t a choice, you might feel sad, angry, frustrated and some real FOMO.

But going faster isn’t always better. Slow living has some serious benefits for your health and happiness. Here’s why you should embrace a slow lifestyle – and how to do it. 

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How to Have a Healthy Beach Day | The Health Sessions

How to Have a Healthy Beach Day

As a kid, I spent countless of summer days building sand castles, floating in the sea and being fully immersed in books on the beach. I can still remember the delight of eating salty and crispy French fries in the sand after swimming and playing all day.

Nowadays, I don’t tolerate the heat very well, but still, going to the beach feels like the ultimate summer experience. And there’s some truth in getting your ‘vitamin Sea’. Soaking in salt water works wonders for your skin, fights infections and is therapeutic for your joints and bones. The beach also offers great opportunities to relax and work out in a fun and doable way. And of course, getting your daily dose of fresh air and vitamin D boosts your health too.

But we all know the typical tourist look of people who got a massive sunburn after a day at the beach. Heat stroke is also a real risk when you spend all day under the burning sun. Plus, lying down on your towel all day, only flipping from front to back to get an even tan or grab some unhealthy snacks, is a relaxing, but not really recharging pastime.

Make the most of your vacation time with these 7 tips to have a healthy beach day! 

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