The Finest Healthy Eating Tips from Your Favourite Food Bloggers

  • By Jennifer Mulder
  • 18 November 2015
  • 3 minute read
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The Finest Healthy Eating Tips from Your Favourite Food Bloggers | The Health Sessions

Have you been thinking about swapping your regular old cornflakes and milk for a smoothie bowl?

Healthy eating has been a hot topic for a while now. Thanks to the popularity of super foods and luscious pictures of plant-based power meals, health food has shrugged off its musty, granola-hippie image. A new breed of healthy food blogs inspires tons of people all over the world to tune up their eating habits and energize their body from the inside out.

But many of us don’t know where to start. Eating healthier can seem overwhelming, especially with all the conflicting information about nutrition around. Plus, we’re creatures of habit and changing our habits comes with challenges.

So how can we adopt a wholesome style of eating that will last?

Who better to ask than the health experts and recipe creators who showed us that good food is so much more than nibbling on lettuce sans dressing?

Here are the finest tips on how to start improving your diet from your favourite food bloggers!

“What would be your number one tip for someone who wants to start eating healthier?”

David & Luise | Best Healthy Eating Tips from the Worlds Favourite Food BloggersDavid Frenkiel

I recently had a chance to meet David Frenkiel at Fare Healthy, where he kindly shared his best tip to start eating healthier with me. The following is not a word for word transcript but rather my best recollection of his enthusiastic response.

“When people think about what they’ll have for dinner that night, they often pick a cut of meat or white pasta and build their meal around that, with a small serving of vegetables on the side. If you want to start eating healthier, one simple way to do that is to make vegetables the base – and the star – of your dish. So you first come up with which kinds of vegetables you’d like to eat and how you can prepare them in a nice way. Fill half of your plate with vegetables and then think of which healthy and tasty foods you can add to get a balanced dinner. My other tip would be: Slowly start building a healthier pantry over time.”

David Frenkiel is the male half of the beloved Green Kitchen Stories couple. On their award-winning blog and in their cookbooks The Green Kitchen and Green Kitchen Travels, David and his partner Luise share the most delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes for every day.

Ella Woodward | Best Healthy Eating Tips from the Worlds Favourite Food BloggersElla Woodward 

The lovely Ella Woodward also graciously answered my question at Fare Healthy, so again, these are not her literal words but my summary of her reply. 

I’d say “balance”. So many people who want to start eating healthier go all overboard. They go on a strict diet only to give up after a week, because they crave all the foods they “shouldn’t” eat. But healthy eating shouldn’t be about depriving yourself, it’s a lifestyle. It’s better to start small and ease your way into it. Even if you just make one little change, like eating sweet potatoes or brown rice instead of white carbs, that’s great.”

Ella Woodward runs the wildly popular food blog ‘Deliciously Ella‘, which led to her best-selling cookbook that shows you how to prepare easy and exciting plant-based meals.

Beth Manos Brickey | Best Healthy Eating from the Worlds Favourite Food Bloggers

Beth Manos Brickey   

“My number one tip is plan ahead. Meal plan for the week, grocery shop with a list and make time for prepping meals. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or decadent, but planning ahead will always offer you the space to feel more prepared and grocery shopping with a plan always helps keep you on target for making healthier choices.”

— Beth Manos Brickey is a gluten-free, real food recipe creator and photographer at Tasty Yummies. An illustrator by trade, she also designs handmade goods that brighten up any healthy kitchen. 

Kevin Geary | Best Healthy Eating Tips from the Worlds Favourite Food BloggersKevin Geary 

“My number one tip would be to not just focus on “what to eat” or “how to eat” or “when to eat.” Instead, put your main focus on “Why am I eating?” Nutrition advice is everywhere, but we still have an obesity and preventable disease epidemic. Every adult man and woman has great intentions for eating healthy and staying fit, but they can’t seem to consistently align their behavior with those good intentions because they have an unhealthy relationship with food, body, and self. You’re not going to be successful until you address that. Eating psychology is by far the most important aspect of getting and keeping a body and life you love.”

Kevin Geary is an eating psychology expert, founder of Rebooted Body and host of the Rebooted Body Podcast.

Sarah Britton | Best Healthy Eating Tips from the Worlds Favourite Food bloggers Sarah Britton 

“The number one tip for people to start eating healthier is by making one very small change a day. This could be choosing brown rice over white rice, making your own granola bar versus buying one in the store, or drinking a glass of water instead of juice or soda. If you take one small step towards health every day, it will add up to a major shift in health, guaranteed!”

Sarah Britton, the queen bee of healthy food blogs, is the author of “My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season“. It’s the ultimate guide to revitalize your health and palate, one delicious recipe at a time!

Darren Stehle | Best Healthy Eating Tips from the Worlds Favourite Food BloggersDarren Stehle

“When you cook for yourself you know what you are eating. If you want to improve your health this is the number one place to start. As Michael Pollan says, when you cook your own meals you don’t need to read food labels!

For many, the biggest issue is how to manage their time to cook their own meals. In part we have to choose to make healthy eating a priority and then we need to plan how we will cook our own meal. I wrote a post to help with this issue called, How to Get More Time to Cook Healthy Meals.

An overlooked side effect to eating healthier is that it’s easier to be happy and content. If we don’t feel well it’s challenging to be happy.”

Darren Stehle is a Nutrition & Exercise Coach who helps busy professionals get into the best shape of their lives – online and in the Financial District of Toronto. Download his free guide, The Top 3 Health Mistakes Busy Executives Make.

McKel Hill | Best Healthy Eating Tips from the Worlds Favourite Food BloggersMcKel Hill 

“Take it slow, change doesn’t happen overnight and always remember eating healthier and nourishing yourself isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Lifestyle changes take time so be kind and loving towards yourself!

McKel Hill is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist and founder of Nutrition Stripped – your bare basics guide to healthy living and nutrition inspiration. Check out her 7 -Day Nutrition Plan or Back to Basics Bundle to kickstart your whole food living.  

Ana | Best Healthy Eating Tips from the Worlds Favourite Food Bloggers Ana @ The Awesome Green

“Increase the daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, choose whole ingredients and eat seasonally”.

Ana runs The Awesome Green, where she celebrates her passion for healthy vegetarian recipes and natural ingredients.

Jen & Jadah | Best Healthy Eating Tips from the Worlds Favourite Food BloggersJen & Jadah 

“One simple habit of drinking a daily green smoothie really can transform your health!”

— Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner are two rawkstar mums on a mission to help you fuel your passion. In their “Simple Green Smoothies” book, they share over a 100 tasty recipes to lose weight, gain energy and feel great in your body.  

Wow, so much amazing, sensible advice! What’s your favourite tip to start making healthy food changes that will last? 







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