Your Summer Reading Guide: The Hottest Articles on Healthy Holidays

Summer Reading Guide: The Hottest Articles on Healthy Holidays | The Health Sessions


What’s more relaxing on a lazy summer day than getting lost in a good beach read? While I do prefer reading fiction from paper books when I’m on holiday, there’s a lot of great info online about health and psychology that’s worth checking out. So whether you’re lying in your hammock, killing time on the airport or simply sitting in your garden with your tablet in hand, here are some of the hottest articles on having a healthy and happy holiday. Enjoy!



On Moving Heroically, Internet Doctors and Your #1 Productivity Hack

  • Have you been aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day in order to get enough physical activity? Apparently, that magical pedometer number is a myth. (But don’t worry, getting off the couch as often as you can is still a good idea.)
  • Amen to that! “Do you want to get a lot done? Here’s your productivity hack: Go the f*ck to sleep.”
  • And when you wake up the next morning, set the tone for the entire day with these one of these 30 joyful wellness rituals.
  • Did you know that your heart rate variability gives you a clear picture of your overall health? Rebooted Body shows you how to track this biomarker to maximize your health and performance.
  • Getting educated about your health is important, but remember: The Internet Is Not A Doctor“People believe whatever is ranked more highly. They think there is some omniscient god-like entity that has evaluated  every single website in the world and these are the best . (…) The internet is the biggest source of misinformation about mental health that has ever been created.” 
  • Bad news for most of us: What staring at a screen all day is doing to your eyes. Make sure you scroll down and check out the 20-20-20 rule to protect your eyes when you’re heavily reliant on computers and reading.
  • Jonathan Mead believes that “no matter what type of body you were born with, no matter what your age, posture or body composition, you can achieve incredible things with the body you were born with.” Have a look at his ultimate guide to superhuman movement to learn how to rehab your movement environment, correct your kinks and get your essential movement nutrients every day.



On Hacking Your Brain, Resilient Minds and Lessons from the Stoics


Summer Reading Guide (2): The Hottest Articles on Healthy Holidays | The Health Sessions


Chronic Illness

On Pain, Limitations and Superpowers


Healthy Summer Holidays

On Healthy Traveling, Drinking Your Sunblock and Cool Ways to Cool Down


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